Agricultural Metal Buildings

Protecting your farm equipment with an agricultural metal building is important when you’ve made an investment in something so expensive and there is nothing that can do it better than a metal building designed for your particular usage.  At Gatorback Carports we have a design team that works on large buildings every day.  We can [...]

Gatorback Carports Concrete Foundation Specifications

Concrete foundation specifications are specific for every building in relation to the width, length, height, weight of the building, zoning, location and more.  Your concrete specs will vary depending upon your location and weather patterns.  The following are examples of common concrete foundations. We suggest using a 12 inch by 12-inch footer around the entire [...]

Steel Garage save 50%

If you wanted to save 50% or more on your next garage then build it with steel.  In this article we will look at two similar built buildings one garage made of wood, and the other made of steel.  We will view each building for its attractiveness, and performance features and determine if the savings [...]

Pre- Engineered Metal Buildings Wave Of The Future

 Pre- Engineered Metal Buildings Wave Of The Future   There was a day when metal building structures were limited to a small portion of the market such as industrial facilities, or with airplane hangars.  Today’s technological advances have made these buildings affordable for the home owner, small business, or farm.  Because pre-engineered metal buildings are [...]

Why You Should Insulate Your Metal Building

When it comes to insulating metal buildings you want to make sure you have the most effective product to maintain the temperature inside at a comfortable level where you can function without the extreme changes that make using your structure less enjoyable.  Buildings with metal panel exteriors transfer heat.  We use radiant barrier insulation to [...]

Pole Barns

Are you seeking a barn with a width ranging from 26' to 50 feet or more?   We build metal pole barns over 200' long and 54' wide to 84' wide for your equine use, livestock, farming equipment, and auto's. The variations you may choose to build your barn are 1000's and you may try [...]

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