You have a choice of 14 colors from which to choose from as seen below with our newest color chart which includes two new colors:


Barn Red

Earth Brown

Raw Hide


Pebble Beige




Pewter Gray

Quaker Gray (Dark)


Slate Blue


Royal Blue not pictured see below or color Picker

Sand Stone not pictured see below or color Picker

metal carport colors


The metal colors selected on this page helps you match your color with a real building as the building below  matches the metal colors of the body  “Sandstone” and the trim color “Earth Brown” pictured below.

You may select the color of the roof, side walls, end walls, roof trim, and side/end wall trim.

Our previous color chart is illustrated below.   New Colors Royal Blue and Galvalume, Slate blue is available only in certain areas.

Carports kk



Double Door Metal Garage withRaw Hide and Earth Brown:   Click on pictures to Enlarge


Steel Garage with Raw Hide Body with Slate Blue Roof:


Actual Color Sandstone:  Matched house very well

neutal regcolor watmk pebble b

neutral color carport in sandstone and white trim pictured above and green trim below, see how well the sandstone  matches the house n the picture above, and the green trim sets the pebble beige color below. 

combo unit with green trim sets the pebble beige color below

combo unit with green trim sets the pebble beige color


Combo Unit in Sandstone and Earth Brown Pictured Above

Combo Unit in Sandstone and Earth Brown Pictured Above

Actual Pebble Beige with Royal Blue Bottom Trim and Royal Blue Gable Ends:


Metal Barn with Pewter Gray Body with Black Trim:


Quaker Gray Body:

Grey barn

Below pictured RV Carport with Gables and side panels in the colors of Slate Blue and Pebble Beige Trim:


Actual Color Earth Brown Trim with Clay Body on this regular style Metal Garage



Steel Garage with side Lean To styled as “Southern Front Porch” with colors of Barn Red with White Trim:

red garage twophotos_edited-1s_edited-1

Pebble Beige Body:

Commercial Grade Open Span Building

 Clay Body and Clay Trim seen below are  colors often used on Commercial Steel Buildings, so also is pebble beige as seen  on the Large metal building seen above:


Evergreen and Clay:

garage gator tan green

Evergreen Roof and Trim White Body:


We hope the actual photos helped you with a color match… see more color pictures in photo gallery

When it comes to picking colors I don’t mind making the decision but I also enjoy others opinions.  Tom Silva of has enjoyed working with many professionals and when selecting colors he has spoken with architectural historian Susan Maycock for picking the perfect colors read about it at this link.

You can also find more information about carport, metal building colors at the article on neutral colors. has sought to make available the best selection of colors for your metal building, or carport please call us if you have any questions.