Commercial Grade Carports

Commercial Grade Carports range in width up to 100 Feet Wide

 Clear Span Open Truss Commercial Grade Carports

clear span metal building


commercial clear span



Our enter locking truss system provides superior strength and resiliency that you would expect in a Metal Building of commercial quality.

Clear Span Steel Buildings come in standard widths 32′,40′,50′,60′ Wide special order widths 80 to 100 feet wide allow at least 1 day for quoting special length and width sizes

Special order lengths up to 200 feet and longer

Clear span building

Clear span building

Designed with  an open system these clear span buildings built with trusses allow maximum storage areas.

commer lean to (2)

Clear Span 100 Foot Long with commercial Grade Lean To

Standard lengths                 20, 30. 40. 50. 60 up to 200 feet long for special orders and longer



Standard Features 14 Gauge Framing, Engineered Truss System for roof and vertical studs

Clear span building

Clear span building


Prices include installation and delivery.  Let us design your metal building with a custom length & a custom width are also available also.

Clear span building

Clear span building

Side leg heights range from standard 6 Foot tall side leg, and up to 16 foot tall side legs

Clear span building

Clear span building

Commercial Garage Doors come in sizes ranging from 6×6, 8×7,9×7,10×8,10×10,12×10,12×12,12×14,14×14,14×12

Clear span building

Clear span building

Walk in Doors are $185 each installed



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12 Gauge Framing is available for an upgrade

DSC00671 (2)

Buildings are able to be purchased with roof only as a carport, and sides open, or as a garage, with side and ends enclosed



Windows are 30×30 for $150 dollars each installed


Gable Ends ….$480 for 32’ to 40’ wide

$600 for 42’to 50’ wide

$720 for 52’ to-60’wide

clear span two

Center Heights of buildings are based on a 3 on 12 pitch

Example: on a 6’ vertical side leg building that is 32’ wide the center height of the building is 10’ to the bottom of the truss.

Roof Trusses on 32 wide are just under two feet in width.

clear span

Prices Below Include Delivery and Installation:

Price Examples On Open Span Commercial Buildings:


1.) 32’ wide x 20’ long x 6’vertical side leg Clear Span without any enclosure, roof only $4,750


2.) 32’ wide x 30 long x 6’ 6’vertical side leg Clear Span without any enclosure roof only $6,770


3.) 32’ wide x 30 long x 6’ 6’vertical side leg Clear Span with sides, and ends enclosed and one 8×7 commercial Garage door & one walk in door for $11,955


4.)    32’ wide x 40’ long x 16’ foot tall side Leg with one 12×12 roll up door, built and enclosed as a Garage on ends and sides for $20,800. Price includes delivery & installation

5.)  36′ X 40′ Commercial Building Price  $ 9680 + Side Leg Height ( 10 Feet )$ 1200 for 12 Guage ( 40 L )$ 1100 +  Both Sides enclosed at  $ 1630 +  Walk-In Door 36×80 (1)$ 185  + Closed Ends (Front End)$ 2480 + Closed End (Rear End) $ 2480  + 10 x 10 Garage Doors (1)$ 450 =  Total  Price $ 19,205


-20 year warranty on our roofing materials

Engineering Plans Available for Zoning & Planning



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