Metal Garage

Metal Garage Door Entry Way

Preparing your metal garage door entry way properly will save you time and money in the future.  It will prohibit water intrusion by allowing sufficient outward grade downward for drainage away from your metal building, the proper slope will allow ease of entry, and create a neat appearance.  The picture below shows the slope [...]

Gatorback Carports Concrete Foundation Specifications

Concrete foundation specifications are specific for every building in relation to the width, length, height, weight of the building, zoning, location and more.  Your concrete specs will vary depending upon your location and weather patterns.  The following are examples of common concrete foundations. We suggest using a 12 inch by 12-inch footer around the entire [...]

Steel Garage save 50%

If you wanted to save 50% or more on your next garage then build it with steel.  In this article we will look at two similar built buildings one garage made of wood, and the other made of steel.  We will view each building for its attractiveness, and performance features and determine if the savings [...]

10 Superior Advantages of Metal Garages over Wood Frame

Looking at the superior advantages of Metal Garages over wood frame construction reveals that they protect an asset from the breakdown by the outside elements similarly as a wooden building would do.   Steel buildings also limit the loss of time spent on upkeep, or maintenance  reducing the loss of time time spent in reconditioning, [...]

Look inside a Steel Garage Job

Here's a larger Steel Garage with plenty of room inside for multiple projects going on at one time.  With 1,200 square foot of area inside this steel building you've got some room to grow, and move around.  The sides of the building are 12' tall.     Here's the side wall of this job before [...]

How to Purchase the most Affordable Metal Garage or Carport, level the Ground, and prepare the Slab.

In this article we will look at the installation of a regular roof garage and review: How to purchase a garage at a economic value leveling the ground preparing the slab comparing the price differences and options of garage styles 3 roof systems and their advantages You may also want to review the following [...]

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