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It’s easy to be approved for Rent to Own  just fill out the form below or

We enjoy the opportunity to offering our customers a Rent To Own option.  Our Rent To Own program is another opportunity to provide the best customer service possible.

Quick Guide to Rent to Own:

  1.  No Credit Check
  2. Need to be a home owner or financing your own home
  3.  $2000 Minimum value to Rent to own
  4. $8500 Maximum value or pay the difference above $8500 at the time of purchase off the Rent to Own Contract
  5. Example:  If the building is purchased for $10,500 then you would be required to pay $2000 up front for the $8500 maximum rent to own amount
  6. Get you building protected against storm damage for 10% of the payment monthly for damage against acts of god, or opt out of the coverage if not desired