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18x41 Vertical Roof Motor Home Carport with 14' side legs, 2 Gable Ends, and Closed Sides, and 16' 6" Center Height

Pictured above, and below is a 18×41 Vertical Roof Motor Home Carport with 14′ side legs, 2 Gable Ends, and Closed Sides, and 16′ 6″ Center Height



Regular Style RV Carport Horizontally Oriented Roof Panels & Side Panels 41′ Long


Pictured below is a  12′ wide Standard Horizontal RV Carport With 2 panels on each side


12 Wide RV Carport with 6 foot wide sides


The building height is defined as the vertical side leg height, and not the center height of the structure which will vary in height depending upon the width.  The center height is always at least 2 ft taller than the side leg unless it is 30 foot or longer where we use trusses to span between the sides of the building.

Vertical Roof RV Carport with 1 Panel on sides

Vertical Roof RV 24 x 41 Carport with 1 Panel on sides Rawhide body & Earth Brown Trim

SAM_1259 small

SAM_1265 small


If you are interested in more room, if you have slide outs then this 24′ wide Vertical RV Carport Pictured below is a very good option:


24 Wide Vertical RV Carport with 12′ side legs

vertical roof Carport system

vertical roof Carport system


Vertical Roof System RV Carport

Vertical Roof System RV Carport

Side Leg Carport

Side Leg Carport


RV CP MMcrop

Triple Wide RV Carport 12 foot Legs Truss System 3 foot braces

30x41x12 RV Carport

30x41x12 RV Carport


RV Cover and RV carport

RV Cover and RV carport



Vertical RV Carport Gable End & Double Panel on Both Sides Raw Hide & Earth Brown Matching Metal Barn sold also

extra strength garage installation with double structural material

extra strength garage installation with double structural material

Vertical Single Leg RV Carport with side panels and Gable End

Vertical Single Leg RV Carport with side panels and Gable Ends


RV Cover and RV carport

RV Cover and RV carport

lean tow garg vert three best pic

RV Carport with Two Wing Lean To & Gable Ends


Regular style Metal Carport

Regular style Metal Carport



double leg rv 6ne

Extra Strength Carport with Doubled Structural Material with up to 14 Foot Tall Side Legs

12' tall rv cover regular style roof

12′ tall RV cover regular style roof



Nice Double unit RV Cover and small Car Cover Side by Side



Regular Roof RV COVER with Side Car Cover Nice Combo


Side View Nice Double unit RV Cover and small Car Cover Side by Side


RV Cover and RV carport

RV Cover and RV carport



Regular RV Cover with Gable End and One Panel on Sides



Vertical Roof RV Cover Pebble Beige Body White Trim

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Protective RV Covers

Protect your recreation vehicle with a metal carport  or steel garage. These prefabricated buildings are easy to install while they make available many storage options for your RV. Unlike standard RV cover or canvases, RV carports offer a more durable long term storage space for your RV. Metal carports protect your RV better from natural elements because it is a complete storage space for your RV.  RV carports can be customized to your wants and needs. You can choose the type of flooring, sides, location, lighting and more. You can have your RV carport designed to match the style of your own or surrounding buildings.


Designing Your Own RV Metal Carport

Motor Home carports and RV garages can be customized to fit your exact specifications, and at gatorbackcarports.com we specialize in designing custom fit solutions for today’s RV enthusiast.

When you seeking to design an RV metal building you want to make sure that your informed when it comes to knowing your options, and a few simple modifications in your building can make the difference of being very comfortable, or experiencing conditions that you have to overcome another way. From the type of building you want to have constructed to a wide range of additional features and options, a RV Unit can be completely customize to suit you needs. Whether you are looking for a customization and highly affordable option for personal use or a professional metal  we offer endless functionality and a multitude of variety.

For example if the long side of your RV faces west and you intend on spending recreational time on that side you may enjoy adding a 3 foot panel at the top of the side legs to escape the extra sun rays that will continual come in from that angle.  Also, a gable on the end will reinforce the RV Cover, and stabilize it when strong winds occur.  We install and horizontal tube from one end of the side leg to the other when building a gable, and we also install vertical framing.  Gables also enhance the look, and protect from the elements.  If your Motor Home is too tall we can fit the gable to match the height just above your air conditioning unit on your roof ensuring that you have a 6″ to 12 ” clearance depending upon your needs.  We build RV Covers up to 16 feet in side wall height, and over 20 feet tall in the center.  Most RV’s will not need to reach such heights, but 12 foot sides are common, and we build up to 14 foot tall legs frequently.

RV  Carports

There are quite a few different options as far as covers go. One of the first things that you need to remember is that it is important that the motor home cover fits. You will need to measure the RV to make sure that you get a cover that fits properly. You do want it to be a snug fit in order to make sure insects and other pests stay out of the RV. The fabrics that are used to make these covers are waterproof and UV repellant. You should make sure that the cover that you choose is breathable, which will make sure that mildew does not get trapped underneath the cover. The more expensive and custom covers can be worth the extra money, as they were made to fit your individual RV. There are different brands and fabrics to deal with here, but through research and speaking to a professional, you will end up getting exactly what you need to protect your RV.

RV Garages

An RV shelter can go by many names such as a metal RV carport, fifth wheel carport, and recreational vehicle metal garage. There are some subtle differences with each of the RV metal covers, so it is important to really consider these options so that you can know which one is the right choice for you. One typical choice is the 12′ wide x 41′ long x 12′ leg height regular style RV carport. There also different style choices like a vertical style roof RV carport, as well as a boxed eve carport. You can have these professionally installed but there are metal RV carport kits that you can install yourself. Before undertaking a task like this, you should make sure that you have all of the tools that you need as well as the ability to safely do this project with help.

There are a few things to consider before choosing your carport. One is what type of material that you will be choosing; a 12- or 14-gauge. You also need to think about the weather in the area that you live in. If you live in an area that is prone to sideways snow or rain, you will want an option that is closed in. If you do not have this type of water, you may be fine to have a carport that is not closed in. You also need to look into the local laws about any limitations on the size of a carport or laws about the type of materials that are required for your carport or any certifications that you need to get.

You spent a lot of money on your RV so you want to make sure that it lasts for as long as possible. This can be an easy enough task if you get the right carport or cover. These products were made to keep your RV safe from all sorts of undesirable issues like degradation in the structure of your RV or infestation of pests. The protection for your RV is definitely a worthwhile investment that you will not regret. You should do your research to make sure you get the right option for your location and your RV.

And if you’re seeking complete coverage then you’re probably looking for a garage, or garage style barn for parking your RV, and other vehicles or farm equipment.  This barn pictured below has a 12 foot side leg in the middle section which is normally plenty tall for an RV which normally isn’t over 11’6″ at the top of the a/c unit.  This unit has a center commercial roll up door that is not tall enough for an RV, but can be ordered with a 12′ tall roll up door.

Are you looking to purchase an RV or motorhome?  Here’s a great website for finding a variety of recreation vehicles: rvs.autotrader.com  You can search for one in your area, but if you prefer buying an RV from an individual then use rvtrader.com.




Also, if you want total protection then you may look at these pages: metal garage, or metal barn.



Horse Barns on Sale

Store Your RV in a Center Structure with Two Side Storage Areas

The Vertical Barn above comes with up to 14 foot side legs in the center, you can choose a half gable at the center for more room for your RV or we can remove the gable.

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