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What is the Fastest way to save time and money when buying a carport, garage or other metal building?

Step 1.  Price

First determine the exact price structure offered you, so that if your order changes the prices are fixed and won’t vary.  That’s one reason why we developed the online carport calculator which automatically calculates the prices of our buildings online allowing you to relax, and think through your decision making process without any salesmanship.

Go here to use our:  Price Calculators (to design your building) for the following builidng types

Or click on the building style below to go directly there:




regular garage double commercial doors

regular garage double commercial doors

Horse Barn


Classic Barn


Triple Wide Carport

Triple Wide Carport

Triple Wide Carport

Combo Units

Commercial Grade Clear Span Truss System

Commercial Grade Clear Span Truss System

Step 2. Quality

Step 3. Service

Step 4. Character

Click on the  following article for more information on the last three steps: 4 things the street smart shopper always consider before making a purchase

Fastest way save time/money buying a carport/garage

All our carports, and other products are manufactured here  in the United States using top quality paint and materials.  With twelve strategically located manufacturing plants located in the US we  constantly seek to maximize our  service abilities for our large customer base. It is our commitment to provide the highest quality, experienced installation crews, and helpful customer service staff.  When you’ve decided that it is time for a quality metal carport for your automobile or RV, a garage for your vintage car project, or metal storage building for your agriculture equipment Gatorbackcarports.com is available for you. Whether your purchasing  a RV carport, or boat cover our experienced service staff will help you in making a choice you will be satisfied with for the life of your purchase. We have steel barns, farm buildings and larger storage shelters like our commercial buildings. Give us a call today and allow us to aid in finding the correct choice for your needs.

thank you,

the staff a Gatorbackcarports.com

Easily calculate  center height of a carport or garage 

What will be the exact center height of a carport or garage? 

There are three factors that will dictate the center height of your building.

The  exact center height of a carport or garage  depends on the side leg height chosen, the width of the building, and the roof style.

To choose a roof style please see this article on roof styles and their differences.

The chart below will enable you to calculate the center height of your building. For example, if the carport or garage is a Standard Style Double unit, 20 feet wide with 7 feet legs, add 3′ 0″ to the 7 feet leg height for a total height of 10′.  This height is measured at the very bottom of the frame under the roof panel.

To automatically calculate the exact price of a carport, metal garage, triple wide garage, or other building see the job estimator/price calculator.

Width Standard Style Double
Boxed Eave and Vertical Roof
12′add 2′ 6″ (two feet six inches) to the height of the side leg chose
add 2′ 0″ (two feet) to the side leg height chosen
18′3′ 0″add 2′ 6″                      ”               ”
20′3′ 0″add 2′ 6″                      ”               ”
22′3′ 3″add 2′ 9″                      ”               ”
24′3′ 6″add 3′ 0″                      ”               ”
26′4′ 0″add 3′ 6″                      ”               ”
28′4′ 3″add 3′ 9″                      ”               ”
30′4′ 6″add 4′ 0″                      ”               ”

Easily calculate  center height of a carport/garage

What is the exact  frame dimensions (foot print) for my carport or garage?

The exact dimensions of the frame from the bottom  outside frame rail to the opposite outside frame rail are as follows:
If the carport is a 12′ wide x 21′ long  the frame will be 12′ outside to outside of the frame, and the length will be 20′ end to end. If an 18’x31′, the width will be 18′ outside to outside, length 30′ end to end and so forth. The extra foot of length comes from the standard 6″ of roof overhang on each end of the structure.



What sizes are  carports and garages available in?

Carports and garages are available in the following standard sizes and custom sizes are also available:

Custom sizes:  We can make any building as long as you need.

Standard Sizes:

12 wide x 21 long
12 wide x 26 long
12 wide x 31 long
12 wide x 36 long
12 wide x  41 long
18 x 2118 x 2618 x 3118 x 3618 x 41
20 x 2120 x 2620 x 3120 x 3620 x 41
22 x 2122 x 2622 x 3122 x 3622 x 41
24 x 2124 x 2624 x 3124 x 3624 x 41
26 x 2126 x 2626 x 3126 x 3626 x 41
28 x 2128 x 2628 x 3128 x 3628 x 41
30 x 2130 x 2630 x 3130 x 3630 x 41


If you don’t see a size that fits your needs call us and we will make a custom size for you for no additional charge!

Triple wide carports, metal garages, RV Carports, come in standard sizes up to 51 feet in length.

Commercial Grade buildings come in sizes 32 feet wide up to 60 feet wide and lengths of 20 feet up to 60 feet long as a standard

Standard Heights:

Standard heights are 5′ tall side leg up to 12′ tall side leg, the center height of the building varies, but usually conforms to a 3′ on 12′ pitch.

Extra Height Buildings:

Optional heights for carports, RV Carports, and Metal Garages increase to a 14 foot tall side leg.  These extra length side legs are available in our Double Galvanized Metal Stud Systems.

Commercial Buildings are available in 6 foot tall side legs and up to 16 foot tall side legs.

Anchor My Carport:

Anchoring your carport or metal building will increase the buildings ability to withstand strong winds, and high gusts.

What are the methods used to anchor the carport and garages?

We utilize three types methods to Anchor a Carport, Anchor a Metal Garage,  Anchor a RV Carport or other Metal Building:

1.  When working with concrete we mount the structure with  concrete wedge anchors.

2.  We use a 30 inch rebar anchor for ground surfaces.  This rebar system is used when a building  is mounted to the ground, gravel, asphalt, or a soft surface.

3.  Hurricane/Mobile Home Anchors or technically called a Helix Anchor: On  certified buildings, a helical mobile home anchor (common called hurricane anchor) is used. On non-certified structures, these can be purchased as an optional item.  This work very well for stabilizing a building.  See sketch below for installation method.

DSCN0900Mobile Home Anchors

30x16 Standard Enclosed Building, Rev 1-12

Mobile Home Anchors

Hole dug with pick axe at base of bottom rail

Hole dug with pick axe at base of bottom rail

Anchor inserted in hole

Anchor inserted in hole


attached anchor to base rail

attached anchor to base rail

A bolt with a poly propylene washer is attached through the side of base rail and ran through the eye at the top of the mobile home anchor

There are quite a few steps to installing a mobile home anchor which is well worth $25 for the labor and materials.

We recommend installing one on each corner for a 21 foot long system, and increasing that for the larger carports and buildings.



Lean To carports and lean to garages: Prices for Lean To Buildings available at bottom of post

We guarantee the best prices on Lean To Carports, Lean To Garages, Lean To Barns, and Lean To Metal Buildings.  Our manufacturing facility prefabricates all our buildings, and this process reduces labor cost allowing us to transfer the saving directly to our customers.

gar with lean to ps

Metal garages with lean to’s are delivered for free in over 20 states including Alabama Arkansas Georgia Illinois Kentucky Louisiana Missouri Mississippi North Carolina Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia and West Virginia.


Buildings with a metal lean to attached come in three different styles horizontal box eve, and vertical roof structures. .There are many available options including open end lean to’s, enclosed ends, closed ends with cut outs and closed ends with installed garage doors.

garage no match lean too side build two               underside of  lean to wings  installed  to side wall of garage pictured



lean to garage

Wainscoating Gray Lean To Garage with Gables and frame Outs on Sides

Commercial Style Lean To


A Monolithic Roof System where the Lean To’s Continue with the same roof pitch from the center of the building to the side seen above and below contrary to the drop down lean to’s seen above


garage with lean to

Pictured below double garage with drop down lean to on one side:



The lean to is normally 10 to 12 foot wide with the center building which it is attached to being normally 12 foot wide, 18 foot wide,  22 foot wide, or 24 foot wide. The available length are 21 foot 26 foot 31 foot 36 foot and 41 foot long. We can special build your lean even wider and with lengths greater than 41 foot.

Lean to garage

Pictured below Double Side Entry Garage with Front and rear Lean to’s.  Lean to’s are trimed out with siding.

Garage with Lean to in front


Pictured below Regular garage with to regular style lean to’s attached on both sides:


side lean to garage

metal garage with attached carport

metal garage with side lean to

carport with side lean to's

lean to c

The advantages of owning a lean to building her numerous, for example a lean to building offers extra storage space and protection for your assets. Lean to carports protect, trucks, tractors, cars, boats, motorcycles, RV”s, farm equipment, and more. This is one of the most affordable shelters available. Another advantage of owning a lean to building with enclosed ends and garage doors is a deterrent from theft or vandalism. Many of our customers with specialty vehicles or classic cars often purchase a building with garage doors installed on both lean to’s connected to a center garage.


Livestock owners and horse owners also recognize the many advantages of a lean to connected to their barn and they often seek to keep their livestock in a facility that is not fully enclosed. Horse owners often want to structure that allows their animals to exit and enter without the aid of human resources and this is a exact fit for lean to.

lean to b

Also horse owners prefer structures that allow their animals to be kept in a field if it rains or snows the horses can go to the lane to for shelter. By purchasing a lean to a horse owner can provide shelter for his animals without building an elaborate structure that is costly.

lean to a

When our customers purchase a lean to barn, lean to garage, our lean to carport they are purchasing a quality product that comes standard with 14gauge are optional 12gauge 2 1/2 inch wide tubular galvanized framing structure. The sheet-metal is 29gauge. It comes standard with 110 mile-per-hour when ratings are optional hundred and 20 mile an hour when ratings and up to hundred and 40 mile an hour when ratings.



If you’re thinking about purchasing a building with a lean to we will be happy to help you you’re welcome to call one of the customer service representatives at gator back carports for assistance.

lean to cc

Here an example of two lean to barns and their pricing for the white barn with 3 garage doors pictured below.  Please call us for additional prices, we sale over 100 different lean to products! A barn is actual three buildings the center structure and the lean to attached on both sides.  The red barn above has both ends of the lean to’s enclosed.  The white barn below has both ends and the center enclosed and a garage door on all the ends.  The price to enclose a end of a lean to that 10 to 12 foot wide and 7 foot tall side wall  is $425, and for a 8 foot tall side wall is $475.  Please see our garage door pricing and sizes to determine those cost.

reg white green barn 3 roll doors wtmk

1.)    Classic Barn/Garage 30′ wide by 26′ long for $7,350
2.) 12′ tall leg height of center structure, center of structure at least 14′ tall
3.) Comes with three (8′ wide by 7′ tall) commercial doors as seen in picture as example
4.) Two sides of building have a side leg height of 8′
5.) Also comes with one walk in door
total price = $7,350 delivered and installed
size available in 30 to 54 wide and 26 to 41 long, larger sizes available! *Barns longer than 50′ include extra center truss* and are built on 4′ centers,

You can build and design your own Garage, Carport, or barn and the prices change automatically with our carport calculator just click on the Calculator at the home page.

II.)  Classic Garage/Barn 30×31, 3 roll up doors, please call for price

2.) 12′ tall leg height of center structure, center of structure at least 14′ tall
3.) Comes with three (8′ wide by 7′ tall) commercial doors as seen in picture for example
4.) Two sides of building have a side leg height of 8′
5.) Also comes with one walk in door
total price =                     delivered and installed

III.) Classic Garage/Barn 32×41, 3 roll up doors, please call for price

2.) 12′ tall leg height of center structure, center of structure at least 14′ tall
3.) Comes with two (8′ wide by 7′ tall) commercial doors and one 10′ by 10′ commercial door in the center as seen in picture for example
4.) Two sides of building have a side leg height of 8′
5.) Also comes with one walk in door
total price =                delivered and installed

To go to Lean to Barn Instant Price Calculator Click Here

Gatorbackcarports.com offers fiberglass insulation for your metal building which comes with a single bubble foil insulation with a white backing. The R-Value is six.

The price includes installation, and is $1 per square foot.

 Insulation Long Term Value for Less Money

Properly installed fiberglass metal building insulation with a single bubble foil cuts down your ongoing energy costs. Upgrade your metal building to include insulation with an  R-Value of 6 to further reduce your energy expenses, and lower your total cost.  It is installed between the framing, and the metal panels. Compared to other insulating options, such as spray foam, double bubble, or foam panels, this fiberglass sheet insulation with a foil barrier offers one of the best and most cost effective choices for your building and gives it a attractive finished look.

Additional Benefits of Purchasing Metal Building Insulation from Us 

  •  fiber glass sheets which won’t decay like blown in insulation.
  • Priced to allow a reasonable return on investment with energy savings
  • High quality Reflective foil a brighter white reflective appearance
  • Passes the NFPA 286 full room corner burn test
  • Class 1A fire rating
  • Blocks radiant heat gain and loss
  • Prevents condensation
  • Contains UV inhibitors (acts as a reflective insulation)

Installation:  We tape all the seems so nothing is left exposed

Pricing example: 30 foot wide by 21 foot long x 8 foot tall Vertical garage, to insulate complete interior = $1,578


When installing a garage door what leg height is needed?

If you’re installing a garage door centered on the front or back end (width of building) then the leg height (side height of the building) can be the same height as the garage door installed on the center end (width of the building).

If you’re installing two garage doors on the front or back side of the building then depending on width of building the legs need to be at least 1 foot taller than the doors. If you’re installing a garage door on the side (length of building) then the legs need to be at least I foot taller than the garage doors.






What will the center height of the building I purchase be?

Answer: It depends on the leg height and width of the building

Here is a chart you can use to calculate the measurement for the center height of the building for standard, boxed eve and vertical buildings.

Example: If the carport, garage is a Standard Style, 20 feet wide with 7 feet legs, add 3′ 0″ to the 7 feet leg height for a total center building height of 10′.

Width Standard Style Double
Boxed Eave and Vertical Roof
12′2′ 6″2′ 0″
18′3′ 0″2′ 6″
20′3′ 0″2′ 6″
22′3′ 3″2′ 9″
24′3′ 6″3′ 0″
26′4′ 0″3′ 6″
28′4′ 3″3′ 9″
30′4′ 6″4′ 0″



garage commercial roll up door


This garage pictured above has a twelve-foot commercial roll up door which will work for many RV’s.

Roll up door prices for Non Certified Doors:

14 wide x 14 height  =  please call

14 wide x 12 tall = call

 12×14 call

12 wide x12 tall $850

12×10 = $800

10 wide x 12 tall = $750

10×10 = $450

10×8 = $400

9×7 = $350

8×7 = $300

6×6 = $300

Call for pricing on certified roll up doors

to learn more about carports and garages that would be the best fit for your RV read this article: How to pick the best fitting carport or garage.

What is the best fitting RV Cover to buy for your Motor Home.  Here are a few things to consider.

Top considerations:

1.  Will you be storing anything else next to your RV which would cause the need of increasing the width of your carport?

2. Will you use the space socially at anytime and entertain friends or family?

3. If you have slides would you like to be able to fully extend the slides on your motor home or RV?

4.  Is on of the most important consideration “complete protection from the environment such as rain and UV damage from the sun ” to ensure the longevity of your RV,  minimal maintenance or resale value?

If your answered yes to the any aspects of the last question, then you may consider looking at the example of this 12′ wide Standard Horizontal RV Carport  where the sides of the RV are protected with 2 panels on each side, or even the full protection of an enclosed RV garage.



If you would like to park another vehicle next to your RV, and have room for slide outs then this 24′ wide Vertical RV Carport is a good option for a two car carport:


And if you’re seeking total protection you might be interested in a garage, or garage style barn for parking your car, farm equipment, mower, or four wheeler in.  This barn has a 12 foot side leg in the middle section which is normally plenty tall for an RV whose height usually isn’t over 11’6″ at the top of the a/c unit.  At the center of this barn is a roll up door that is not tall enough for an RV, but can be ordered with a 12′ tall roll up door or even 14′.


When it comes to protecting your RV from the intense UV rays we suggest to  consider all the protection possible.  An RV Cover  with panels will provide even more protection.  Please see the pictures of our 3 car garages, and 4 car garages if you need a larger metal building such as a metal garage, or metal barn.

garage commercial roll up door

This garage has a twelve foot commercial roll up door which will work for most RV’s.

We also have available a 14 wide x 14 height garage door for large capacity usage.


At GatorbackCarports.com you can use our project calculator to automatically estimate your project on line just click on the calculator at the home page, or click “Calculator” to go there now.

If you would like a quote for a carport or garage please see the quote form.

If you found this useful please share the link with a friend, thanks!

the team at Gatorback Carports



Understanding RV Carport Heights and their Components:

The legal road limit of an RV is 13 ft 6 in high and 8 ft 6 in wide

The building height we refer to is the vertical side leg height not the center of the building’s height which ranges in height but is always at least 2 ft taller than the side leg.

The center height of the building will  change depending on the length and width of the building.



24x40 RV Carport with 12 ft Leg 3 ft brace 12 Gauge Frame

24×40 RV Carport Vertical Roof with 12 ft Leg 3 ft brace 12 Gauge Frame


INSTALLATION: Facts You Need to Know:

1.  Side legs with heights of 9 ft are more are recommended to  upgrade from a 2 foot brace to a 3 foot brace.  This brace is attached 1 1/2 foot below the top of the vertical leg and to horizontal leg of  the roof system.

Pictured below is a 3′ roof brace on the side leg:




Pictured below is a Vertical Roof System:





 Picture of standard Truss at the center: options include truss upgrades to 3  ft, 6 ft, 10 ft


Vertical Roof System RV Carport

Vertical Roof System RV Carport


Vertical roof systems are recommended on any length greater than 31 feet.


vertical Roof Carport System

vertical Roof Carport System


Below pictured Top of Leg side corner:


Side Leg Carport

Side Leg Carport


more to come soon




A major difference between a Horizontal (regular carport) and a Vertical Carport is that the ridges on the steel panels in a horizontal roof run parallel to the side of the building, and the ridges on a vertical roof run vertically (or straight down towards the ground (meaning they intersect with the side of the carport (side wall or frame).


Ribs in Panel  run length ways on Regular Carport and from top to bottom on Vertical  Carport


There are three different types of Buildings systems for our metal carports, and all our  metal structures.  They are regular style, boxed eve style, and vertical systems.

Pictured below is a 24 wide by 21 long by 7 tall sides regular roof carport with gable end and closed sides

24x21x7 Regular Carport Gable and close sides $2,590

The vertical Roof Carport System: there is a ridge cap installed at the center of the roof on the vertical as seen with the red arrow below, and the panels run down to the sides.

vertical-roof-1The Boxed Eve Carport: pictured below has horizontal panels with a A Frame Structure

FL Boxed eve for bubble

FL Reg Style Close up for bubble The Regular Carport has a Wrapped panel

Vroof Standard
  The Vertical  Carport:  Our highest quality and strongest system offered (water disperses from the center of the carport to the sides)

Features of a Vertical  Carport  listed below:

1.    Galvanized Frame
2.    Full deep set Roof Trim
3.    Full Deep Eve Side Trim
4.    A Frame Style
5.    Additional Steel Channel for extra roof Support
6.    Ridge Cap
7.    Long-lasting Vertically Oriented Roof Panels

On a vertical  system the ridges of the steel panels run from the top of the carport where the ridge cap is installed to the bottom (straight downward).

The panels are also shorter on a vertical system with each panel being half the size of the width of the total roof, and strengthened with steel channel making for an overall stronger system.  This is our best system.

A Vertical  System displaces water, and snow much more efficiently than a horizontal roof. The water will also drain away from the door openings unless the placement of the doors are on the sides of the building.

Boxed Eve Roof System:

boxed eve carport

boxed eve carport

Our high quality, and strong  system.  A better built system.

The Features are:

1.    Galvanized Frame
2.    End Roof Trim
3.    Eve Roof Trim
4.    A Frame Style
5.    Horizontally Oriented Roof Panels

Roof panels that are installed horizontally are more cost effective but they are inclined to hold more water, snow, or debris.

The Regular Style Carport:


Often called the Standard Wrapped-Corner style or commonly called Horizontal roof.  This Carport comes with a Standard Horizontal Roof. This means that the Roof Panels are installed horizontally and run parallel to the side of the carport. On a horizontal roof system water will run along the length of the ridge and drain to the front and back of the roof at the end of the panel.

A Good System

Features of Horizontal Roof system listed below:

1.    Galvanized Frame
2.    End Roof Trim
3.    Horizontally Oriented Roof Panels


Horizontal Roof Panelscomputerized-1Vertical Roof Panelscomputerized-2

The tallest legs that can be ordered are 12 feet. Our installation professionals are equipped with the tools to to handle installations of up to 12 feet. In some areas we can offer legs/walls up to 16′, call for quotes

Our installation period depends on your geographical location and your proximity to our manufacturing facility.  We operate from over 15 different manufacturing plants in the U.S.  We strive to guarantee the quickest delivery times in the industry.  Please consult your representative who will coordinate your order with the scheduling department to determine your specific lead time. The difference from our competition is the experience we have gained over the years developing our installation abilities, delivery scheduling, and the competence of our crews.

There are three anchoring types. If the structure were to be mounted to a concrete pad or footing, then traditional concrete wedge anchors would be used. We offer a 30 inch rebar anchor that is intended for use when a structure is mounted directly to dirt or gravel surface. On our certified buildings, a helical mobile home anchor is used. On non-certified structures, these can be purchased as an optional item.

The majority of components utilized in our frames are made of 2 1/4″ by 2 1/4″ galvanized steel tubing for 12 gauge buildings and 2 1/2″ by 2 1/2″ for 14 gauge buildings. Some manufacturers use a 2 1/4″ 14 gauge or a 2″ x 3″ 14 gauge frame.

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