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You will see that our metal barns can be made with a variety of options and extreme customization ranging from a covered roof only to a complete enclosure style metal barn with insulation.  We sell a large amount of barns to the farming and agriculture industry, but also in commercial business, storage, and for even horses, and live stock.  If you need stables then we can compartmentalize you barn with horse stables as seen in the pictures below.

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Metal Horse Barn with Stalls

Metal Horse stalls


To make the process easy we have built a barn calculator which will give you instant pricing on a barn structure.  We also strive to guarantee the lowest prices in the metal barn industry.

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When it comes to equine usage for metal barns, horse structures and livestock structures keeping your animals safe is often the 1st priority.  We offer high quality steel structures for farm use. You may need extra room for farm equipment, parking trucks, or a tack room which we  can assist you in designing.  We have a design team that will draw a mock up for your building, and add additions to it such as an area to wash down and clean horses, or adding stalls with interior walls.

Metal Horse Barn

At our knowledgeable metal building service agents are here to answer all your questions, and if they can’t they will contact one of our managers, our personnel in the field who have worked on building metal barns on a daily basis.  You will find everything necessary to obtain the highest quality metal building in the Metal Barn Manufacturing Industry here. Agricultural Metal Barn


Our buildings have the attractiveness of Today’s look and the quality of yesterday’s materials.  We use galvanized metal tubing for our structural material, and all buildings over 32′ wide are built with a truss system on both the vertical legs, and bows.  Our metal barns start with a standard 110 mph wind rating, and 20 psf when built with 14 gauge framing material, and move up to 120 mph and 30 psf with 12 gauge framing.  We offer wind rated buildings up to 170 mph for areas like Florida, and higher psf loads in areas that are accustomed to snow.

adfIf you’re seeking a horse barn for breeding, a riding arena, or just shelter we will provide a quality building for you.  Enjoying pleasure horses can be made much easier with the right facility which will enable you to focus on the recreational part of the experience instead of the many concerns that arise without adequate protection.  You will find the buildings at will give your quarter horses, western ponies, Tennessee walkers, thoroughbreds, or Arabians a down home feeling that will provide you with the comfort, and peace of mind needed to enjoy your farm.


While we focus on the construction details of your metal building these custom aspects are often the very decisions that give you the extra features that make using a facility a joy today and for years in the future.  It may be that we will need to design a building to work functionally with other existing structures, and we often to tie ends or other necessary modifications.  From the very beginning of your project you can be sure that we will work every step of the way to build a structure that will provide happy usage for years to come.

Horse Barn with Open Lean To


Gatorback Carports offers the largest selection of quality Barns and the lowest pricing available  in the Industry.

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Whether you need a Metal Barn for equipment, Horse Barn, Regular Style Barn for hay, or  Classic  Barn for farm animals we are here to help you with a well-designed steel building that will service you for years to come.  Our product features the most options available in the industry.







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Horse Barn Left side open right side enclosed center open

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Horse Barn

Horse Barn

Click Pictures below to Enlarge & See Details:  A Frame Horse Barns as below come with Boxed Eve or Vertical roofs Click here for Roof style information                                 

HB top onlyHB

HBUSA HB no eagleHB side view no eagleHorse Barn w eagle awesomeHorse Barn BlueHorse Barn Blue

Horse Barn w eagle awesomeHorse Barn with eagle

Classic Barns as seen Below have Horizontal Roof Systems

reg white green barn 3 roll doors wtmk for Pricing on this Classic Barn with Triple Garage Doors Click Here

Classic Barn 3.4 View Red and BlackClassic barn 3.4 view ne2classic barn back view no eagle

Classic Barn no eagle


Metal Horse Barns, Classic Barns, & Eagle Barns
At Gatorback Carports, we offer three different types of Metal Barns: Horse, Classic and Eagle Barns. One style is a continuous slope barn and we have two styles with raised center aisle barn. Each and every metal barn that we build are made for durability and longevity.   All offer the most affordable buildings in the industry and are available in many different styles, shapes and sizes!
If you order from us we have FREE delivery and installation. All of our barns are used ideally for equipment storage, farm equipment, hay, feed and general storage. Our metal barns aren’t just used for storage, they are also used for livestock shelters, horse stalls or even pens.
Standard Horse Barn
Center Structure – 12′ legs, 3′ braces on legs, and 2′ peak braces, extended gable ends on front and rear of center structure.
Lean to’s – 8′ tall legs, 2′ braces on legs, both sides closed, back ends closed, one side front closed, one closed with 8 x 7 opening. All base models are Boxed Eve with 14 gauge tubing and 29 gauge sheet metal. Concrete or Rebar anchors included. 12 gauge heavier framing, Vertical Roofing, and Mobile Home anchors are optional features.
Standard Classic Barn
Center Structure – 12′ legs, 3′ braces on legs, and 2′ peak braces, gable ends on front and rear of center structure.
Lean to’s – 8′ tall legs, 2′ braces on legs, both sides closed, back & front ends closed. All base models are Regular Style with 14 gauge tubing and 29 gauge sheet metal. Concrete or Rebar anchors included. 12 gauge heavier framing and Mobile Home anchors are optional features.
Standard Eagle Barn
Center Structure – Boxed Eve Roof, 10′ leg posts, 2 gable ends, 3′ braces on interior legs, Free Eagle on front gable.
Lean to’s – All base models are Boxed Eve roof with 14 gauge tubing and 29 gauge sheet metal. 7′ tall legs, 2′ braces on  interior leg posts. Concrete or Rebar anchors included.

small We look forward to helping you with any questions you may have on your selection of a classic barn, or metal horse barn.  So please call us, and someone from the service team will be ready to assist you.

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