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Here’s a 60 wide by 200 long barn with 16 feet tall side legs built with vertical trusses.  The bows are also trusses, and it has a lean to on both sides.  A well designed barn will save you time, and money.  It will minimize your work load because of its well organized structure.  It will provide enough room to make smooth turns with the equipment it was designed to house.  We are ready to help design the one that’s right for you.

Design Considerations:
1.  Interior Size:  It’s possible to design a barn that is more attractive for your beginning budget but for the life of the building it would have been much more suitable to ensure that the aisle size was not too narrow but wide enough so that the clearance on the side were suitable for the equipment and its implements.  If not you could spend your valuable time replacing walls or doors that you will have to repair in the future because the maneuverability was too tight.  When I work with my equipment I want it to save me money, and while I operate it the greatest expense is really my time therefore I want to be able to function at a optimal rate with the lowest stress possible.  Aisle that are sufficient in size make that possible for me.


Light: A Barn with enough room to function provides enough light to make it attractive, without leaving dark areas because of tightness.  It allows ample room for livestock, horses, tractors, and equipment.  Barns with good lighting really make a better working enviornment, and provide a happy place for those who work there in.  Also barns with insufficient light will attract more insect and flies (especially horse barns).  When you have a well lit barn which utilizes natural lighting then your electrical bill will be lower also.


60 x100 Clear Span Commercial Building with Truss System

Electricity:  Your barn will be a safer place if you install electrical outlets wherever needed and avoid using extension cords.  In the long run they will save you time also, there may be a time when temporary usage of such things might be unavoidable but be sure to keep these things away from farm animals, and used in areas limited to humans.



Clean up Area:  Up north when you have to get up early in the morning and make it to the barn around 5:00 in the morning it gets cold, and we often try to get to the barn as fast as we can.  Our boots often get dirty walking to the barn before we begin work.  You will save time and money by not tracking mud in and out of your house if you install a clean up area, or a restroom.  A bathroom can be built for a minimal expense, and you will appreciate it.