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If you are in need for a carport, garage, RV cover, or any other metal shelter, Gatorback Carports has your solutions to all of your outdoor needs. We provide to the whole state of Mississippi with FREE delivery and installation! In the city of Biloxi, you can count on the summers to be hot, wet and winters to be cool and short. Biloxi, MS has a population of 44,054. Biloxi, MS residents understand how hot the summers can cause your vehicles to be hot, don’t be miserable all year long from all of the Mississippi elements. Get your carport today so you can start to enjoy your time outside.

Different Metal Units Available for Biloxi Mississippi:
  • Standard Carports
  • Enclosed Garages
  • Combo Units
  • Triple Wide Carports
  • Horse Barns
  • Classic Barns
  • Utility Buildings
  • Eagle Barns
  • RV Covers
  • Commercial Grade
ALVA Reg. Standard all braces

First you need to decide what you are covering or using your metal unit for. One thing you can count on using Gatorback Carports, is not going through this alone. We are here to help you each step of the way. We work with you to select the correct style, size and colors that will meet your needs. We have many designs to choose from or you can have one custom-build to meet what ever your needs may be. For a quick quote, you can go to our website and use our Carport Calculator to automatically estimate your price on any carport, garage, triple wide carport, barns or commercial buildings you want. With the implementation of our clear span technology for open system carports and buildings we now offer commercial quality buildings for the most affordable prices.  Built with a truss system they can span up to 60 feet in width, and almost any custom length.You can use these buildings for commercial uses, shops, garages, and many use as custom residential needs.


12X21X7 Vertical Roof Style Carport 2 Gable Ends & side panels

Total price = $ 1,445.00
Different Roof Styles:
  • Regular Style: Galvanized Frame, End Roof Trim, and Horizontally Oriented Roof Panels
  • Boxed Eave Style: Galvanized Frame,End Roof Trim, Eve Roof Trim, A Frame Style, and Horizontally Roof Panels
  • Vertical Style: Galvanized Frame, Full deep set Roof Trim, Full Deep Eve Side Trim, A Frame Style, Additional Steel Channel for extra roof Support, Ridge Cap, and Long-lasting Vertically Oriented Roof Panels

 Each style can be constructed with either the 14 Gauge or 12 Gauge Frame. The ridges of the steel panels in a Horizontal Roof design run parallel to the sides of the carport or building. On a Vertical Roof Design, the ridges of the steel panels run from the top of the carport or building to the sides. Both Styles and Roof Types can also serve as the metal frame for any Full or Partial Wall Enclosure, or almost any type of custom job you may want.
Vertical Single Leg RV Carport with side panels and Gable End

Vertical  Carport 24x41x12 sides with side panels and Gable End Price $4,835

Once the order is reviewed and meets your approval, a small down payment is placed in order to get your order started. Then, your order begins its journey through manufacturing. Once the unit is ready, you will be contacted a week in advance to schedule delivery of your unit. The crew arrives on site at our location, installs the unit, and final payment is made at that time. It’s that easy!


The Vertical Carport above is 24x41x12′ side leg with a panel on both sides & Two Gable Ends for $4,835


Barn Red & Rawhide Triple Wide Regular Carport 24x41x10′ side Leg Two Gable Ends Side Panels & 3′ braces

Total Cost = $3,910 all prices include delivery and installation



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