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South Carolina is sometimes affected by tropical cyclones. This is usually a concern during hurricane season, which lasts from June 1 to November 30. South Carolina averages about 50 days of thunderstorm activity in a year.The state normally will get averages around 14 tornadoes a year. Hail is common with many of the thunderstorms in the state of South Carolina. Many people enjoy the warm weather of South Carolina, but it can also can be hard on vehicles. The sun’s hot rays are necessary for life, but they can cause damage to the paint on your car, truck, boat, RV, or other vehicle. Rain, snow, and other weather concerns can also harm your vehicles and other possessions. If you are looking for something to help keep your vehicles safe from all of the elements, Gatorback Carports is here to help. It’s easy to protect your possessions with metal carports. South Carolina residents will get the best deal on these carports when they buy from us at Gatorback Carports.



The Calculator Prices and designs these buildings Automatically:



Horse Barn

Classic Barn

Triple Wide Carport

Combo Units

Commercial Buildings


We built a carport calculator that automatically calculates the price of your product so that you can know our exact pricing structure. After that you can choose the option, “get actual pricing” and we will verify your price for you, or you may choose to have us send you a quote by choosing the quote option at the menu bar on the home page.

ALVA Reg. Standard all braces

18 X 21 X 6 Regular Style Carport Horizontal Roof

$ 795.00
Many of our carports come in several styles, including the regular carport,  boxed-eave and the vertical roof style. On the regular and boxed-eave roof, the sheeting on the roof goes lengthwise, and on the vertical roof, the sheeting is side to side. We use prefabricated components such as our truss, and welded stud systems to ensure highest quality control, and customer satisfaction. Because all our components are prefabricated at our plant the installation time is quick, and easy.  This process along with our experienced installation teams, and product warranty makes the process from purchase to completion easy, enjoyable while offering great customer service.

12X21X7 Vertical Roof Style Carport 2 Gable Ends & side panels

Total price = $ 1,445.00
You can use our Carport Calculator automatically estimates your South Carolina carport, metal garage, triple wide carport, barn, or commercial  building online giving you instant pricing. Our metal carports, and garages are offered by at the most affordable prices, and are available in a variety of sizes including custom buildings to fit all your needs.

12 wide X 36 long X 10 tall Regular Style Carport x 2 side panels

$ 2,020.00
Designing, and ordering your building is short, and simple. Select the roof style, size (width, length, and height), options if needed, examples of options are gables in front, and rear, side panels, stronger tubular structures in 12 gauge, and more. All that’s needed is a small down payment to finalize the order, begin the order entry process at our South Carolina facility, and schedule for production. The next step is call you a week before delivery to schedule your installation date. Upon arrival to your job site, our installation crews will install the unit, and the final payment will be made. It’s that easy!

Vertical Single Leg RV Carport with side panels and Gable End

Vertical  Carport 24x41x12 sides with side panels and Gable End Price $4,835


The Vertical Carport above is 24x41x12′ side leg with a panel on both sides & Two Gable Ends for $4,835


Barn Red & Rawhide Triple Wide Regular Carport 24x41x10′ side Leg Two Gable Ends Side Panels & 3′ braces

Total Cost = $3,910 all prices include delivery and installation




30x41x12 Vertical Roof carport closed side 2 Gable Ends On Sale $8,130


18x21x6 foot side Leg Regular Carport $794, or 18x21x7 $844, 18x21x8 $894

Did you see the building you’re looking for?  Get a quote on any of our carports, or steel structures now with the quote form below 100’s of styles and sizes available!


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