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When searching for Carport Canopy|Carport Canopies that are affordable and reliable our customers tell us that they want to be able to make an intelligent decision by having the information right in front of them to research without have to take days in making a decision.  They are seeking to make the most informed decision on a Carport Canopy|Carport Canopies as possible.  Buying car canopies can best be understood starting with the simple design structure of a Carport Canopy, and the manufacturing process of Car Canopies.  Carport Canopies are organized by the design of their canopy or roof system, and their structural design is made with 2 1/2 inch wide galvanized tubing which comes in 14 gauge, or 12 gauge metal.  The gauge of the metal will dictate the wind load rating, and PSF rating.

Here are the variables and distinctions between a Horizontal (regular carport canopy) and a Vertical Carport Canopy.  A major change between the two roof canopies of the carports is that the ridges on the metal panels in a horizontal canopy run parallel to the side of the building, and the ridges on a vertical roof canopy run vertically (or straight down towards the ground (meaning they intersect with the side of the carport (side wall or frame).


Ribs in Panel  run length ways on Regular Carport and from top to bottom on Vertical  Carport


There are three different types of Buildings systems for our metal carports, and all our  metal structures.  They are regular style, boxed eve style, and vertical systems.

The vertical Roof Carport System:

vertical-roof-1The Boxed Eve Carport: pictured below has horizontal panels with a A Frame Structure

FL Boxed eve for bubble

The Regular Carport has a Wrapped panel

ALVA Reg. Standard all braces

Vertical Roof Carport Canopy
  The Vertical  Carport:  Our highest quality and strongest system offered (water disperses from the center of the carport to the sides)

Features of a Vertical  Carport  listed below:

1.    Galvanized Frame
2.    Full deep set Roof Trim
3.    Full Deep Eve Side Trim
4.    A Frame Style
5.    Additional Steel Channel for extra roof Support
6.    Ridge Cap
7.    Long-lasting Vertically Oriented Roof Panels

On a vertical  system the ridges of the steel panels run from the top of the carport where the ridge cap is installed to the bottom (straight downward).

The panels are also shorter on a vertical system with each panel being half the size of the width of the total roof, and strengthened with steel channel making for an overall stronger system.  This is our best system.

A Vertical  System displaces water, and snow much more efficiently than a horizontal roof. The water will also drain away from the door openings unless the placement of the doors are on the sides of the building.

We have designed our website with straight forward prices on all our metal building, and carport products and you can obtain instant pricing quickly by clicking on the instant price option at homepage navigation bar. 

The Calculator Prices and designs these buildings Automatically:

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We desgined a carport calculator that automatically calculates the price of your product so that you can know our exact pricing structure.  We committed to ensuring our customers enjoy the buying process from beginning to the end.  So if you don’t have that much knowledge about buildings, or carports you don’t have to let that feeling bother you… you could even sit back in your chair at home, and just let the calculator price the product for you.  After that you can choose the option, “get actual pricing” and we will verify your price for you, or you may choose to have us send you a quote by choosing the quote option at the menu bar on the home page.

For those of us that have not ventured into the unknown of the metal building industry; remember life is all about wading through the new experiences only so you can do it again easier the next time.  We built the whole website to make it enjoyable for you no matter how much experience you have or how little.  The FAQ has valuable information at your finger tips, and the blog answers many buyers questions, especially on specific carport products, or other metal buildings including or 3 different garage styles.

When you do contact us our project estimators are there to give you the information, and quote your product for you, and at your pace, and when you’re ready you can let us know.  Know that we’ve got the unknown out of the way enjoy the website… and if you need us… you welcome to give us a call.

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