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Tall RV Garages/RV Garage on Sale

When you need a tall building for your RV you’re thinking RV Garage and we have got the metal building to fit your RV Garage plans.  You already know how fast a clean car gets dirty left out side, and it only increases the amount of lineal feet of cleaning when your dealing with an RV.  We love RV garages they keep your recreation vehicle clean, and definitely preserves the condition of the unit reducing depreciation and adding value.  Our tall garages for RV’s are taller, wider, and greater in depth than normal garages.  You can also use then for boat storage, agriculture equipment like cultivators, and other heavy duty equipment.  Below are pictures of our taller units.  Since the unit is taller you may enjoy installing a lift for those larger projects when your under the hood.


Standard RV garages range up to 12 feet in side wall height and increase as you approach the peak of the roof line.  However we offer 14 foot tall side walls and even higher depending up your needs.

RV Garage

RV Garage

Needing more information let one of our RV Consultants help you with a garage today. Please give us a call.


There are special details when building a metal building for a motor home or RV.  For example you want to consider if you will be using your air conditioner in your recreation vehicle because if you are you need enough ventilation from the top of the metal roof so that air current will flow unhindered and your a/c unit won’t overwork resulting in overheating.   We build RV Garages up to 16′ feet talk but often 12 tall sides are high enough if you park your unit in the center of the garage.

5th Wheel Carport

Enclosed RV Building above offers extreme protection from the weather and elements that are harsh on paint and finishes. 




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