Hail Damage Protection With A Carport


When the warmer months of spring begin to come around, one thing you can expect is hail storms. Then the demand for carports becomes greater. The request for carports starts off in Oklahoma and Texas but as the temperatures get warmer, your hail storms increase, and become more severe.  That is what sends people seeking to get out of harms way.  With a 18×21 carport beginning at only $795 people today recognize there is no more affordable, and easy way to protect there assets from hail storms.


12' Wide RV Cover

12′ Wide RV Cover

Hail Storm Season is a  busy time of year for us. Even though you cannot control  a hail storm, you can always be prepared, and not spend your  valuable time considering the possible damages that could occur.  A little preparation provides comfort that will enable you to focus on the things you would really like to accomplish. The time you’ll spend with adjustors, and damages will rob you of that energy you can put to use towards more worthy endeavors.


Most damaging hail storms that take place in the United States and will happen between 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM. There are plenty of ways to protect your vehicles from damaging hail. You can buy a temporary cover for your vehicle so that the hail can be reflected right off. These can cost between $400 and $500. When most auto insurance policies run between $500 and $1000, so you can see the investment for protection is worth it. There are more than a quarter million vehicles in the United States that are damaged from hail through out every year.


A more permanent protection is metal carports or metal car shelters. Carport prices are fairly reasonable. Our entry level double carports can be bought and installed starting at $795 in the Southern United States. In North and Northeastern United States range around $995 to $1095. These metal carports are made of 14 gauge steel frames and 29 gauge steel roof panels.


two carports at two homes with neutral colors that blend well

two carports at two homes with neutral colors that blend well

The starting size of double carports are 18′ wide by 21′ long. People have the option to upgrade to 24′ wide or 30′ wide for the three car carports. Many people use these carports for protection for their vehicles but also for RV shelters, boat shelters, boats, and more. For people that want extra protection, you can order side panels and gable ends to provide that extra protection.


There are plenty of people out there today who can no longer carry comprehensive insurance and your liability insurer will not cover hail damage to vehicles. So get the permanent solution to protect your vehicles from hail damage with metal carports and metal shelters. Don’t wait for the next hail storm to damage your vehicle, take action today and get protected. So in our next article get advise and tips on how to protect your vehicles for a reasonable price.

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You may contact one of our project estimators at Gatorback Carports to help find the best option for your needs today.

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