What is the best fitting RV Cover to buy for your Motor Home.  Here are a few things to consider.

Top considerations:

1.  Will you be storing anything else next to your RV which would cause the need of increasing the width of your carport?

2. Will you use the space socially at anytime and entertain friends or family?

3. If you have slides would you like to be able to fully extend the slides on your motor home or RV?

4.  Is on of the most important consideration “complete protection from the environment such as rain and UV damage from the sun ” to ensure the longevity of your RV,  minimal maintenance or resale value?

If your answered yes to the any aspects of the last question, then you may consider looking at the example of this 12′ wide Standard Horizontal RV Carport  where the sides of the RV are protected with 2 panels on each side, or even the full protection of an enclosed RV garage.



If you would like to park another vehicle next to your RV, and have room for slide outs then this 24′ wide Vertical RV Carport is a good option for a two car carport:


And if you’re seeking total protection you might be interested in a garage, or garage style barn for parking your car, farm equipment, mower, or four wheeler in.  This barn has a 12 foot side leg in the middle section which is normally plenty tall for an RV whose height usually isn’t over 11’6″ at the top of the a/c unit.  At the center of this barn is a roll up door that is not tall enough for an RV, but can be ordered with a 12′ tall roll up door or even 14′.


When it comes to protecting your RV from the intense UV rays we suggest to  consider all the protection possible.  An RV Cover  with panels will provide even more protection.  Please see the pictures of our 3 car garages, and 4 car garages if you need a larger metal building such as a metal garage, or metal barn.

garage commercial roll up door

This garage has a twelve foot commercial roll up door which will work for most RV’s.

We also have available a 14 wide x 14 height garage door for large capacity usage.


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