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How to use the instant price calculator to calculate a steel garage:  You can obtain instant carport or garage prices by simply calculating your metal garage at the carport calculator.  You may use the garage calculator but it doesn’t have as many options as the carport calculator, and therefore doesn’t calculate buildings as accurately.  Also the side height of the building at the garage calculator only goes up to 9’ feet tall. If you require a side wall height taller than 9’ feet you can build a metal garage by using the carport calculator for up to a 12′ side height.


If you need a side height taller than 12′ then our commercial building calculator will give you instant pricing with a leg height up to 16′ tall.  We also have another standard building style which is able to build a side wall up to 14′ feet tall by doubling the structural material which pricing is available upon request but not at the calculator.  In some areas we are able to build a side wall up to 18′ high.

Here’s how:

  1. Choose your width
  2. Choose your length
  3. Choose you side wall height which is the “leg height”
  4. Choose close the sides for obtaining walls on both sides (Length) eve side
  5. Choose close the ends for obtaining walls on both ends (width) Gable side.

Instant Garage Prices at

  • (the picture above is of the gable end which is the width)


Now that you have chosen your width, length, and have closed the sides and both ends you have a completely enclosed metal building.

Remember that your side leg height is different from your overall building height.

To calculate the overall height of the building we will get a measurement at the center top of the building or ridge cap.

For example a 24 wide vertical roof building with a leg height of 9’ feet tall will have a center height at the ridge cap 3 feet taller than the side wall (leg height). This would make your center height 12’ tall.

9’ (for the leg) + (3.0’) in rise (because the building rises about 3” per foot which equals 12’ at the center of the building

This is a standard roof pitch of 3 on 12, or 3 on 12 rise which is a rise of 3” per foot.


There are 4 basic components that make up a metal building or garage besides the foundation.

  1. The Roof
  2. The bottom horizontal base runner that attaches to the vertical legs
  3. The vertical leg
  4. The bow or truss which spans the width of the building

Options include:

  1. Braces which provide stabilization by connecting the side leg to the bow
  2. Larger Trusses
  3. Center Braces under the truss or bow (Included on every building) but larger braces are an option
  4. 12 Gauge framing material which is stronger than 14 gauge
  5. Doors, windows, frame outs of doors for your own specialty doors

So why not go to the instant price calculators and give it a try!

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