Looking at the superior advantages of Metal Garages over wood frame construction reveals that they protect an asset from the breakdown by the outside elements similarly as a wooden building would do.   Steel buildings also limit the loss of time spent on upkeep, or maintenance  reducing the loss of time time spent in reconditioning, and cleaning.  These are just as few of the superior advantages of metal buildings, but there are other advantages that make steel garages a premier choice over wood frame buildings.


It’s superior advantages which far outweigh conventional methods of construction will be clearly revealed in the following paragraphs as our metal garages will be seen as the right fit solution for all your needs! A steel garage is a cost effective and quick to build at the job site, and we can normally delivery and install your building the same day.  An average size steel building 20 wide and 30 feet long can be built in about 4 ½ hours.  Larger buildings 32 wide by 40 long can take about a week.

Metal Garage with Front Porch

See it being built

We can install your steel building at your residential premises or your commercial location as well. In aspects of durability and cost, metal garages are the ideal and perfect choice than wooden stick buildings. Instead of employing conventional style  building structure such as(Wooden Stick Buildings), our customers prefer advanced building style galvanized metal tube based structures (Metal Garages) due to their tremendous benefits.


Listed Below are the 10 Superior Advantages of Metal Garages over Wood Frame Stick Buildings:


  1.  Cost Effective– Metal garage structures require minimal construction time, which reduces the cost as well as saves you valuable time. Whereas, wooden based structures require a perfect architecture plan, variety of materials, maximum construction time and equipment which can cost you little bit expensive.  Normally we can save you up to 50% or more on the total cost of your building in comparison to the cost of common wooden building construction.


At Gatorbackcarports.com all our metal buildings are designed by in house architects and designed to meet your local codes and regulations.  We can design your building and prepare a computer picture, and normally have your blue prints completed in the same day saving your valuable time, and your money!  Our blue prints normally cost only $100.00, and some of our work can be done for free.  We really try to work, and satisfy our customer when working with them on their metal building project.  To see our design work go to the articles section of the web site.


2.   Less Construction Time:  Unlike wooden stick buildings, metal garages require a minimal time to build. In fact, that’s why our pre-fabricated metal garages for home or commercial as well as industrial applications have become so popular.


3.  Durability- A wooden based structure can be damaged due to fire and may not remain durable enough after some years (collapse anytime). However, metal garages are constructed from strong yet durable materials. The metal based structures can last for many years, as they are damage and fire resistant. Thus, metal garages remain durable and last long, year after years!


4.  Maximum Quality– In terms of quality, metal garages are best and ultimate than wooden stick buildings. It gives more protection to your vehicle even in worst climatic conditions (rain, thunder, and lightning) and even from fire, than conventional wooden structures. Mostly, metal garages are termite proof. So, you do not have to worry that your garage can collapse, anytime. Flexibility In

24 wide by 50 long Vertical Steel Garage

24 wide by 50 long Vertical Steel Garage

take a look inside!

5.  Selection– Unlike wooden stick buildings, metal garages have endless design options and available in various colors, facades, shapes as well as sizes. Even wooden based structures have such flexible selection options, but limited sometimes due to architecture aspects. Therefore, for wide color and design or size selections you can switch to metal garages.

Color Chart

6.  Effortless Maintenance– Wooden stick buildings need frequent maintenance in order to prevent fungus, rotting and insect infestation. To maintain it stain free and new always, you have to paint the wooden structure in a frequently manner, which consumes your precious time and valuable money also. Whereas Metal Garages, do not requires such tough kind maintenance for cleaning and to maintain durability. The metal buildings are made from strong materials that remain durable and last for several years (cannot damage due to climatic conditions or fire). Thus, its maintenance is an easy job for you! Therefore, installing Metal Garages rather than Wooden Stick Buildings can give you finest and lasting protection to your vehicles. Customers, please take a wise decision after considering all the factors!


7.  Attractiveness- Today’s metal buildings are not your Grand Pa’s corrogated metal building.  They are stylish and come with color match packages which present a very professional touch.  We invite you to look at some of our buildings and see just how nice one will look in on your property.

8. The Flexibility of Design-  “From the simplest, functional structure to the complex, signature design structural steel can be readily used to accomplish the design intent of the architect and structural engineer. No other framing material comes close to structural steel in the ability to encourage freedom of expression and design creativity.

AISC annually sponsors the IDEAS2 (Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel) competition drawing entries from throughout the United States of recently completed structural steel projects. The range of submissions highlight the innovation and creative of project architects and structural engineers in their use of structural steel.” quoted from www.aisc.org

Consumers seeking metal building who have specific job requirements can utilize our design team that can render custom design metal building drawings, sketches, and blue prints.  We offer blue prints at a fraction of the normal cost normally about $100 or less, and our metal design team will produce drawings at no charge. We can construct your steel building up to 60 feet wide and up to 200 feet long or more. Custom specifications such as building connections with existing buildings can be designed by our drafting department as we work with you in the design of your metal building.

40x50x16 Large Metal Building Design

With Gatorbackcarports.com online pricing system for metal garages, and commercial building systems you can create 1000’s of design changes.  You can also alter the building and the prices will change correspondinly with your principle changes made.  Prices are up front and constant.  If you need a special custom building then you can use our quote form.

see article on design, and drawings

9.  Easy to Design-   “Structural steel remains the most desirable material for the structural engineer to design in. Tools for structural steel design abound and are a quantum step ahead of tools for other systems. Full integration between analysis, design, detailing and fabricating software is in use today. The structural steel industry is the poster child for collaborative building information modeling. This innovative blending of technology is not just for simple boxes, but also for complex structures requiring innovative design approaches and the cost saving techniques of 3-D modeling with full steel specialty contractor involvement in the design process.

The 13th Edition of the AISC Steel Construction Manual contains the 2005 Specification for Structural Steel Buildings and has been embraced by structural engineers as the standard reference guide for structural steel. The 2005 specification integrates the previously separate Load and Resistance Factor Design methodology and the Allowable Stress and Plastic Design methodology into a single uniform design methodology. Ibid”. (quoted from same article above aisc.org

10.  Green Metal Buildings: Steel has become a material that is now recycled more than any other resource.  The majority of steel used today is manufactured from a recycled product.  Steel can be used, and reused again in the recycling process making it’s future secure as businesses seek lower production cost.


Our metal building products always come with free delivery, with free installation, and are built at your jobsite.  We do require that you have a level area for or metal structure to be erected on.  We can build on the ground, concrete, asphalt, or just about any surface.  We have built metal buildings over decks, on barges, and in many commercial applications, but a concrete pad is recommended for our heavier buildings, and commercial buildings require footings to withstand the amount of weight at the bottom of the vertical side leg trusses.  These trusses are usually placed 10 feet on center therefore they have a lot of square foot weight area placed upon them.


We hope you have enjoyed this article please call us if you have any questions.