RV Covers Texas/RV Carports TX

RV Covers Texas/RV Carports TX

Our Texas RV covers protect you RVs, motor homes, or campers from the weather and the sun. Our Metal RV Carports are made of steel and the leg posts and base rails are doubled making this unit much more durable compared to our standard carports. We have a huge variety of metal RV covers to choose from over here at Gatorback Carports, and you are guaranteed for them to last many years to come.
RV Cover built texas tuff
Gatorback Texas Carports, RV covers have a multi-purpose design to accommodate mostly any type of recreational vehicle. We offer metal carports that are used as camper shelters, for travel trailers, or fifth wheel shelters. We have a clear-span widths from 12′ wide up to 40′ wide and we can costume any length that you are in need of. We have many options to choose from to add to your unit to make it your such as: adding side panels, end panels, framing, gable ends, and even close the sides and ends of the unit to make it fully closed in so you can have an RV Garage!  See all our metal carport products here

RV Carport 14" Side Height, 16; 6" Center Height

Our Standard Options:
  • 10′ leg posts
  • 14 gauge galvanized framing (12 gauge upgrade)
  • Center welded truss
  • Double baserails and leg posts
  • Braces
  • Anchors (mobile home anchor upgrade)
Don’t let the weather mess up your RV, get your quote on one today for FREE!

Pictured below is a  12′ wide Standard Horizontal RV Carport With 2 panels on each side



The building height is defined as the vertical side leg height, and not the center height of the structure which will vary in height depending upon the width.  The center height is always at least 2 ft taller than the side leg unless it is 30 foot or longer where we use trusses to span between the sides of the building.

Vertical Roof RV Carport with 1 Panel on sides

Learn how to get the best fit for you RV here

SAM_1259 small

SAM_1265 small


If you are interested in more room, if you have slide outs then this 24′ wide Vertical RV Carport Pictured below is a very good option:


vertical roof Carport system


Vertical Roof System RV Carport

Side Leg Carport

RV CP MMcrop

30x41x12 RV Carport


extra strength garage installation with double structural material

Vertical Single Leg RV Carport with side panels and Gable End

lean tow garg vert three best pic

double leg rv 6ne

12' tall rv cover regular style roof

And if you’re seeking complete coverage then you’re probably looking for a garage, or garage style barn for parking your RV, and other vehicles or farm equipment.  This barn pictured below has a 12 foot side leg in the middle section which is normally plenty tall for an RV which normally isn’t over 11’6″ at the top of the a/c unit.  This unit has a center commercial roll up door that is not tall enough for an RV, but can be ordered with a 12′ tall roll up door.

View a verity of RV Covers, Texas RV Carports, choose what type would be best for your needs, with quickest delivery times, and guaranteed best pricing so please give us a call today 337-824-5800 thank you,

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