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Commercial Grade Carports

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Carports 12′-24′ Wide Prices

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You can build a garage with up to 12′ tall side legs  by selecting instant prices at the navigation bar and clicking on carports.  Then choose the 6th item “close both sides”, and the 7th item close both ends and your building is enclosed. 

The garage calculator already has the sides, and ends enclosed, but does not calculate a building above 8 feet tall sides.  If you need taller than 12 foot sides for a garage please use the commercial building instant price calculator.

Horse Barn Prices

Classic Barn Prices

Triple Wide Carports 26′-30′ Wide Prices

Commercial Grade Buildings 32′ – 60′ Wide Prices and up to 200 Feet Long

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Understanding RV Carports

 More Metal Garage Info. on concrete slabs

Commercial Job Pictures

Hurricane Anchors

We built a carport calculator that automatically calculates the price of your product so that you can know our exact pricing structure.  We committed to ensuring our customers enjoy the buying process from beginning to the end.  So if you don’t have that much knowledge about buildings, or carports you don’t have to let that feeling bother you… you could even sit back in your chair at home, and just let the calculator price the product for you.  After that you can choose the option, “get actual pricing” and we will verify your price for you, or you may choose to have us send you a quote by choosing the quote option at the menu bar on the home page.

Southern Carport Package Prices:  Prices effective for: Alabama(AL), Arkansas(AR), Georgia(GA), Illinois(IL), Indiana(IN), Kentucky(KY), Louisiana(LA), Missouri(MO), Mississippi(MS), North Carolina(NC), Oklahoma(OK), South Carolina(SC), Tennessee(TN), Texas(TX), Virginia(VA) and West Virginia(WV).


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