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Steel Garage save 50%

If you wanted to save 50% or more on your next garage then build it with steel.  In this article we will look at two similar built buildings one garage made of wood, and the other made of steel.  We will view each building for its attractiveness, and performance features and determine if the savings of 50% on building with steel versus wood provides a value that should be taken advantage of.  We will also review just why building with steel is the affordable solution.


The picture above is a wood frame Garage with Carport Cover parking.  In the metal building industry we call that a combo unit.   Which means that an enclosed building (garage) is combined with a carport.  One can see the extensive amount of labor involved in this traditional wood structure, and why it would cost 50% or much more to construct.  This job which was monitored by Gatorback Carports took weeks to complete.  In contrast the metal combo unit pictured below only took a day to construct because the majority of the work was accomplished at our manufacturing plant in the prefabrication process.


There was a day when metal building structures were limited to a small portion of the market such as industrial facilities, or with airplane hangars.  Today’s technological advances have made these buildings affordable for the home owner, small business, or farm.  Because pre-engineered metal buildings are so economically priced and quickly installed they have become the leading choice in metal building construction.


Pre- engineered metal buildings are highly versatile and are without restriction as to what type of building can be designed for your specific utilization.  Agriculture buildings, shops, garages, barns, carports, clear span units, warehouses, factories, shopping centers, office building recreation facilities and more have all been constructed from pre- engineered metal. But, when choosing to go with a pre-engineered metal building design there are plenty of factors you still need to carefully consider.

gfhj2If you consider the performance of both buildings the both offer a totally enclosed area, both offer carport parking also.  So what is the greatest difference between this metal garage and the wooden garage.



  1.  Maintenance  The upkeep for wooden buildings can be extensive, and with the rising cost of paint, and materials steel buildings offer significant savings.
  2. Cost of Materials  Metal has proven to be much cheaper than the cost of wood construction.
  3. Labor Cost–  We want to make sure the factor of labor cost and hiring a contractor is something that you never have to worry about which is why all our buildings are priced including all labor costs. So every labor expense involved in erecting you pre-engineered building is included in the building quote.
  4. Permits– Your prefab construction job may require you to purchase a permit, but we will provide you with architectural plans, blue prints, and draftsman work ensuring an easy, quick, and money saving process.
  5. Design Here’s an area that we have sought to excel, and although hiring a draftsman to design your building, or obtaining blue prints from an architect could be costly we seek to offer these design services for free.  Blue prints normally are completed by our engineers for $100 or less.Large custom steel commercial building design with blue prints

6.  Interiors– Depending on how you will be using the finished structure you will want to consider additional amenities to the interior of the building. Plumbing, lighting, interior walls, heating and cooling units, and insulation are all option you will want to consider including in the complete design of your pre-engineered building.

metal building insulation

While it may seem like there are a number of expenses that  go into  pre-engineered metal buildings it actually takes a majority of the guesswork out from the construction process. You can have you structure fully designed upfront making job cost clear and transparent.


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