When it comes to insulating metal buildings you want to make sure you have the most effective product to maintain the temperature inside at a comfortable level where you can function without the extreme changes that make using your structure less enjoyable.  Buildings with metal panel exteriors transfer heat.  We use radiant barrier insulation to redirect the heat as the foil side insulation is installed toward the outside and transfers heat away for the inside of the building.

metal building insulationAbove picture of Metal Garage with walls and ceilings covered in insulation which also gives a very clean appearance.

Our product is R-Foil 286 Metal Building Insulation (white Bubble Foil .25), and although the main functionality of insulation is keeping the cold air out during the winter months and keeping the warm air out during the summer months our bubble wrap offers a different value. Therefore when your seeking insulation for a steel building the most highly recommended type of insulation to use may very well be bubble wrap insulation as explained below.

Insulation Metal Building

What Is Bubble Insulation?

Is bubble insulation is the most effective way you can insulate your metal buildings?  If you’re seeking to avoid condensation, and accumulation of sweat on the inside of your panels then bubble wrap insulation is the premier choice.  Our product is designed to block radiant heat gain, or loss, prevent condensation, and it contains UV inhibitors.

This heat transfer will also cause condensation to build up inside the metal building if the temperature outside is different from the temperature inside which can case a number of additional problems such as mildew, and mold growth.  Since metal buildings naturally will transfer a significant amount of heat energy from the inside out it can be more difficult to maintain the appropriate temperature inside the building.

gatorbackcarports.comRoof Picture of Insulation

Bubble insulation helps reflect radient heat transfer in metal buildings. The bubble insulation is designed to last a significantly longer time than traditional insulation. It is constructed with independently enclosed bubble layers and is sealed with multiple layers of polyester. This design helps to prevent air loss for longer periods of time. Bubble insulation effectively will keep the warmer moist air from coming in contact with the drier cool air inside the building and this in turn will reduce the condensation build up.


With bubble insulation you maintain a more uniform temperature inside your metal building structure. With the additional vapor barrier in the bubble insulation design you eliminate a majority of the problems that come along with the condensation build up. This is something you will not benefit from if you choose to use fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation can actually attract and adsorb water creating an increase in condensation.

Insulaton makes clean interior on job

Bubble insulation also maintains a cleaner surface area, is easier to install,  and there is no health concerns such as breathing in fibers.  Fiberglass insulation can be a more cumbersome installation process, and requirements may include special clothing , or wearing a mask during installation.  Our bubble insulation can easily be put in place with no mess or discomfort.


garage no match lean too side build twoPicture shows Insulated Lean To Roof


Benefit Of Bubble Insulation Include:

  • Effectively maintains a comfortable temperature inside your metal structure in most hot and cold conditions.
  • Highly durable.
  • It is Lightweight.
  • Its flexibility make it easier to install.
  • It can be stapled, glued or nailed into place making for an easy installation process. Our method is to hang it behind the structural metal tubing while the building is being erected.
  • Significantly safer to handle without the need of breathing equipment or special clothing to prevent itching or irritation.
  • Eliminates condensation build up and is waterproof.
  • The most effective insulation to reflect radiant heat.
  • Doesn’t not provide a nesting area for rodents

Bubble Wrap Insulation

With all the benefits that we have reviewed, one can determine why bubble wrap insulation is the best option for a metal building.  There is not another insulation available today that can stop the moisture, and water condensation as bubble wrap.


When it comes to choosing the right insulation for your metal building the best option is bubble insulation. It is highly effective and provides you with additional benefits. To keep your metal building at a consistent and comfortable temperature, bubble insulation is the best product you can choose.  If you need help with determining the material amount, and cost to insulate your building then give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.