Custom Design Your Metal Building Endless Possibilities


Our drafting team is busy creating custom metal building designs every day, and often without any charges to our customers. You’ll  have a variety of options to choose from when creating your metal building, garage, barn, or large metal structure. From the type of building you want to have constructed to a wide range of additional features and options, our metal buildings  can be completely customized to suit you needs. Whether you are looking for a customizable and highly affordable option for commercial use or residential use you will find that our metal buildings offer endless functionality and high range of versatility.


custom design metal building

Customizing Your Metal Building:


Many of the design features will be determined by the usage of the building, and it’s functional specifics. Metal building structures are exceedingly flexible and can be used for almost any commercial building design. Some of the options you can consider include:

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Industrial Factories
  • Manufacturing Factories
  • Retail Complexes
  • Shopping Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Educational Facilities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Recreation Facilities

Once you know exactly how you will be using the metal building design you have wide number of additional features that you can include into the finished design. Metal building can also be used in garage, barn and residential home designs as well.


40x50x16 Large Metal Building Design


Some of the things you can consider for your custom metal building design can include:metal building designs


1.) Do you want to include windows and doors in the design?


2.) Overhead Doors will be a requirement for most garages or shops. If you are planning on using your metal building for any type of hands on applications, usage with equipment, or materials that will be used inside then you will want to ensure you include overhead doors in your design.


3.) Interior walls are also something you want to include in your design to help you break up the large space. For retail buildings, shopping centers, and the various facilities you will want to consider how many interior walls needed to provide an adequate number of separated rooms.  You may choose multiple interior walls or no interior walls depending upon your specific application.


Large custom steel commercial building design with blue prints


4.) Additional Amenities? Many metal building designs will also consider have plumbing and electrical options factored into the finished design. You will also want to consider your heating and cooling options. Aside from heating and cooling units you also want to have the proper insulation in place. Insulating your metal structure will not only help get the temperature of the building at the most comfortable temperature but will also help reduce utility costs.

custom metal carport design gatorbackcarports.comDo you need a custom design for your metal building project?  Let the drafting, and engineering team at assist you today.  We enjoy offering services to our customers for little or no cost saving you money that you can utilize on your building.