Are you seeking a barn with a width ranging from 26′ to 50 feet or more?   We build metal pole barns over 200′ long and 54′ wide to 84′ wide for your equine use, livestock, farming equipment, and auto’s. The variations you may choose to build your barn are 1000’s and you may try build it instantly at the barn calculator.  We strive to guarantee the lowest prices and quickest delivery times.

pole barn

Wider Main Interiors

Our metal pole barns offer wide center buildings with distances spanning widths up to 60 feet on specialty design vertical systems which are built with trusses. Standard barns come with center structure widths of up to 30 feet, and the two barn side lean to’s are 12 foot in width each totaling 54 feet in width. 

Agricultural Metal Barn

Attractive Design

We offer a variety of attractive designs to choose from starting with a traditional roof that has horizontally installed roof panels which wrap over the top of the side walls, or our best roof system the vertical design where the roof panels are installed from the center of the ridge cap and  are installed downward to the sides of the building or the eves.   Our buildings are a excellent choice for your horses, and livestock, supplies, and farm implements.


Quality Standard Features

  • Our center structure is built with standard 12 foot legs
  • Taller legs are available.
  • 3′ braces on the legs
  • 2′ Peak braces at the center of each truss
  • Extended Gables on front and rear of center structure
  • Lean To’s – 8′ Tall legs on the furthest end from the center, with 2′ braces on the lean to legs
  • Lean To’s sides, and both back ends closed
  • Lean To’s Front: one closed, one  with open frame out 8×7 sized
  • Comes with concrete anchors or rebar anchors installed
  • 14 Gauge Framing


 Sturdy Construction

Gatorback Carports constructs all our metal pole barns  with 14 or 12-gauge galvanized steel tubular framing and 29 gauge steel roof panels giving you a strong system. Our tube frames are made of 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 galvanized steel. Our certified metal barns typically meet 11p MPH wind ratings for 14 gauge framing, and  120 mMPH wind speed for 12 gauge frames, 130 mph ratings or more can be achieved by adding trusses, and extra anchoring.  We offer up to 30 lb. PSF weight loads  and our metal pole barns come with a 20 year limited warranty against framing rust-through, with normal care and maintenance.


Quick Delivery and Construction

Our knowledgeable install crews can deliver your new metal pole barn to your property and build it a few days verses the typical normal weeks and months you would have to wait for a contractor in the typical barn building industry.

Metal Pole Barn

 Would you like to start your building project… contact the service team or get a quote at Gatorback Carports today.