Here are 4 things that the street smart shopper will always consider before he makes a purchase, and if you learn these “wise four” they’ll help you in  buying choices and beyond.


These are the questions that determine if the intelligent shopper will proceed any further or bring the process to an end, for if any of these three questions fail of an appropriate answer the informed shopper will stop, unless it’s a friend trying to sell them something…


When I was working for a Fortune 500 Corporation in the building materials industry, I was surprised when the district manager told me there are only 4 things you could sell, and then he expected me to tell him what they were. I couldn’t do it, but quickly found that everything buying decision you make will be made because of one of these four reason.


The stronghold for making the right purchasing decision are:


  1. PRICE
  4. CHARACTER (reveals who you are) A good service person reveals traits of character you value: their concern is for you more than selling something to you, they are honest to the point of losing the sale if it protects the buyer, their knowledge enables you to make the right decision, and not to fall into error, their experience reveals trust.

That’s it…

Garage with Lean To WIngs

Cheap carports are more than just cheap, Gatorback Carports is determined  that while the price is economical the metal is of the highest quality, and painted with a quality coating, so that it can withstand the battering elements of rain, heat, and cold. But these are not normally the area where a wrong purchasing decision can be made. I had a customer just this week that came to visit me to buy a two car carport. They wanted to know, what was the cheapest carport they could buy and fit two cars in. I said that while the 18’ long x 21’ regular (horizontal roof) carport could fit two vehicles, and was only priced at $695 that it might be a hard way to save money.

To read further and see the most common mistakes make when purchasing a carport please see the article titled Beware of Cheap Carports.

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this article was written by

Derek K. Henrich service representative at Gatorback Carports