neutral color carport in sandstone and white trim pictured above and green trim below, see how well the sandstone  matches the house n the picture above, and the green trim sets the pebble beige color below.

Color Chart


combo unit with green trim sets the pebble beige color below

combo unit with green trim sets the pebble beige color

When I was restoring our historic home in the Garden District of a growing city in Southwest Louisiana I first wanted to make sure it was painted the right color, so that when it came time for resale my choice would not be a mistake. I first went down to the local paint store, and started buying fifteen dollar quarts of paint, but after putting all that up on the side wall, and seeing what my friends termed “the ugly”; I decided it might be better to talk with the manager of the paint store instead.

He kindly set a swatch in front of me and told me the exact colors to paint my house inside, and out. Every color was much better than the bright hues that weren’t working with a historic home. Those bright colors I had chosen were courageous, but they did reveal something to the public that I didn’t want them to see, and that was “the vulnerability of a lack of taste”.





Combo Unit in Sandstone and Earth Brown Pictured Above

Combo Unit in Sandstone and Earth Brown Pictured Above


Garage with Lean To WIngs

Steel Garage Barn Red

Since then I’ve always gone neutral, and the safety of that choice is what makes them so popular, they are relaxing to look upon, they follow through with their on communication, as if to say, “ look beyond, you don’t have to stare at me”. I noticed after painting the inside of our home, that the neutral colors had a great flow pattern which is also very important when choosing the color of your carport. Do you really want something that is going to stick out as if to say, “hey over here.” Sometimes it works, but not always.


carport combo unit with neutral colors


In the case of our neutral color house, when it sold a young professional bought it, turned it into an office, and painted it bright, very bright. It worked for him. You will see in the pictures that a nice neutral bodied carport with a brighter trim color really stands out in a very attractive way.  Also, a neutral carport with neutral trim has a soft appeal which is also attractive.

A neutral carport will stay in the background, and allow the rest of the outside elements set the stage to work with your house. A very important point to remember about choosing a neutral color carport is that the neutral color can change in appearance depending upon what it’s up against. You can test the carport color buy putting another neutral color up against it. But one of the best ways to decide is by looking at the pictures of neutral colors in comparison to their backgrounds.  That is why we’ve chosen these pictures for you.

Remember there are a lot of neutrals, they are in reality natural colors, in nature “Green” is neutral; it is the background color for all other colors. The picture above reveals just how natural this combo carport which is dark green works with the rest of the buildings and property around it.

two carports at two homes with neutral colors that blend well

two carports at two homes with neutral colors that blend well

My personal neutral color is olive green, and dark blue. If I want to feel relaxed, I pick an olive green shirt, and a favorite pair of blue jeans (blue is the great natural/neutral).  We have sought to provide a base of neutral colors that will work well with your choices, check for the upcoming pictures with brighter colored carports that fit their environment so well, although neutrals are the choice of safety those colors won’t work everywhere.  Click on the color chart at the web site, or view our pictures, and see what might work for you.



18x21x6 beige/red/regular style carport $795


Barn above with Quaker Gray Body/ black trim

Tom Silva of thisoldhouse.com likes to say “Keep It Simple” they recently wrote a great article which said, “At the same time, her goal was to avoid overdoing it. “It seems like many houses from this period have every part of the facade painted a different color,” she says. “Our house is pretty simple, and its details are straightforward—and we want to keep it that way.”

Actual Slate Blue and Pebble Beige Trim:


Actual Color Earth Brown Trim with Clay Body:




 Clay Body and Clay Trim:


We hope the actual photos helped you with a color match… se

article written, and expressed jointly by the service team at gatorback carports

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