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Cheap Carports and Inexpensive Carports: the Good the Bad & the Ugly on Purchasing low price carports

regular garage double commercial doors

What do you think of when the words  cheap carports, or inexpensive carports comes to your mind? Normally we would be thinking about low cost carports, but not the materials, we are hoping that those will be made of something much better than cheap. How are the low priced carports, and metal garages at Gatorback Carports sold for such good prices that the purchase price is considered to be so cheap? That answer is all about the fabrication processs. Our cheap carports, are not made with less quality materials, but components are designed to fit together like the fingers on a glove. That is they are prefabricated at one of our manufacturing plants so that the labor to install them is very minimal in consideration to the cost of normal construction.

This is what enables us to make them inexpensive carports in comparison to the price of hiring a contractor.  Those days of having to find a contractor to get the best price for your construction are gone.  With prefab buildings the hard work was done before we ever got to your home.

Consider the time to actually build an 18 wide by 21 long carport even if you could get the materials for free. That would be a cheap carport, but what would the cost be if you had to pay someone to build it?  Would it still be an inexpensive carport if a contractor built it, and how many hours would it take to get built.  Well at Gatorback Carports we can build that size carport in a hour. This is why are prices are so reasonable that you would think they are cheap carports. You can buy an 12 by 21 carport from us for only $695. A very inexpensive carport, but it comes with a 2 1/2 inch square galvanized metal tubing for the base runner and vertical studs, and an interlocking bow system for a roof frame, and more.  Those characteristics are not cheap when you think of the quality of galvanized metal.

cheap carports

For our customers who are  thinking of the cost of purchase when they think “cheap carport” but who expect that the materials used will be made of excellent quality to serve them for years to come you are thinking in the right sphere. We strive to produce the highest quality metal carports, and they are priced as an inexpensive carports in comparison to the cost of conventional building, but the product is in no way inexpensive. You probably aren’t interested in knowing the cost of running a production facility so we will stop with that train of thought.

Listed below are the 4 things that the savvy shopper will think of before making a purchase, understanding these “wise four” will aid you in buying decisions now and in the future.


12' tall rv cover regular style roof

12′ tall RV cover regular style roof

These are the questions that determine if the intelligent shopper will proceed any further or bring the buying process to an end, for if any of these three questions fail of an appropriate answer the informed shopper will usually stop, unless it’s a friend trying to sell them something…


When I was working for a Fortune 500 Corporation in the building materials industry, I was surprised when the district manager told me there are only 4 things you could sell, and then he expected me to tell him what they were. I couldn’t do it, but quickly found that everything buying decision you make will be made because of one of these four reason.

The stronghold for making the right purchasing decision are:


  1. PRICE
  4. CHARACTER (reveals who you are) A good service person reveals traits of character you value: their concern is for you more than selling something to you, they are honest to the point of losing the sale if it protects the buyer, their knowledge enables you to make the right decision, and not to fall into error, their experience reveals trust.

That’s it…

vertical roof Carport system

vertical roof Carport system

Cheap carports are more than just cheap, is determined that while the price is economical the metal is of the highest quality, and painted with a quality coating, so that it can withstand the battering elements of rain, heat, and cold. But these are not normally the area where a wrong purchasing decision can be made. I had a customer just this week that came to visit me to buy a two car carport. They wanted to know, what was the cheapest carport they could buy and fit two cars in. I said that while the 18’ long x 21’ regular (horizontal roof) carport could fit two vehicles, and was only priced at $695 that it might be a hard way to save money.

Picture it, if you have two cars that are 71/2 foot wide from side view mirror to mirror that’s a total of 15 feet, and that leaves you with only one foot in the middle of the cars and one foot on each side of the vertical side legs of the carport. That might not be comfortable getting in, and out of with a bag of groceries.

carport reg white green 18 wide by 21 long regular style carport

I asked our customer, “how are you planning on using the carport, what are you putting inside it.” The answer may reveal that happiness involves spending an extra $50 for another foot taller carport. Our leg height on a 21’ long carport is only $50 per foot in extra height, and if you’re planning on putting a truck, and a larger vehicle in this carport it might be too tight of a fit for your comfort. He decided on buying a boxed eve carport roof style which gave him an “A frame roof structure” that matched his house, and one foot of extra leg height for only $100 dollars more.


What’s important? That you get the carport that is right for you, and makes the purchase enjoyable with every use. None of us want to fall in the steps of the lamentable buyer, “I wish I would have gone ahead and…”, we know what that means, it means saving money felt good up front, but feeling the cost of what I should have done is worse.

red white garage regular

How to buy a carport and only pay for it once: Make sure the person your buying from has proven to you that this is the product that you will enjoy. I had a customer came to me to buy an RV Carport that decided they need a 12’ leg with their carport when a 11’ leg could have been tall enough. To get the protection needed for the RV they decided to buy extra side panels which may not have been necessary if we could have come closer a perfect fit.


When purchasing a (value priced) cheap carport a good question to consider is, “are you ever considering anytime in the future enclosing this carport and making it a garage?” If so, the height of the carport is very important in regards to long term plans for the building. Remember that it’s easy to enclose the sides, and ends of these carports. In fact to enclose both sides of an 18 x 21 x 6 standard carport is only $$300 dollars.

Online Price Calculator (Design your Building)

But if your going to enclose it, then you’ll be sure to remember to build your side wall one foot taller than the garage door to have enough room to install the header which holds the weight of the commercial roll up door. If you want a 8’ foot long by 7’ tall garage door then you need the side panels to be 8’ tall giving you one foot of clearance for your door.

Roof systems are another aspect of the carport to consider. It is the regular roof carport that is the most economical priced system, but that might not be your best decision in the long run. Regular roof panels are installed horizontally and run the length of the carport from front to back. If a regular carport is 21 foot long then each panel installed will have a length of 21 foot.

A vertical carport is installed not length wise but by its width. If the carport is 18’ wide then it will have two panels that make up that 18’ in width which run to the top of the A frame of the carport, and the seam is covered with a ridge cap. This makes for a stronger carport, and it is reinforced with metal runners under the metal roof. It is much more maintenance free, and the panels will last much longer than the other roof systems. While the other roof systems are good, the vertical roof is our top quality system.

See the page on roof systems for more information on making a decision on roof styles.

We have priced our carports so that while reaching high quality standards they are much cheaper than standard building systems. When considering the cost of materials, and labor one can recognize just how much of a value these buildings really are. Protection from the outside elements will keep your car, boat, and equipment in the best condition possible, and by installing the right carport, garage, metal storage building, or barn will ensure your happiness in the long run. Purchasing for the long term may cost you a little more in the up front, but it will keep the swing in your step in the mid section.

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Cheap Carports the Good the Bad & the Ugly on purchasing inexpensive carports, cheap carports for sale, inexpensive carports, and best priced carports

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We build with prefabricated components such as our bows, and welded vertical leg systems to maintain high quality, and customer approval rates that are the best in the industry. Prefab means that all our components are  (made to an exact fit) at our manufacturing plant so that the installation time is reduced significantly.  This process along with our experienced installation teams, and product warranty makes the process from purchase to completion easy, enjoyable while offering great customer service. Normal installation time for us on an 18 x 21 average size carport is about one hour. Garages are installed in 4 to 5 hours, and larger RV Sheds in a single day.


Experienced Installation Teams, high volume business, ready to install prefabricated materials enables us to finish timely, which pleases our customers.


thank you for reading this article– let us know if it helped, we appreciate all those that have made our business possible!

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