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Cheap Metal Carport/ cheap Garage with a best quality

Where to buy the cheapest carport, and a cheap Metal Garage with the best quality:

Customer  Questions on Best Price and Quality

“I was looking for a cheap carport but not sacrificing quality, and a metal garage in my budget.  I need to store a car in one and a cheap priced steel building to park my RV in, but my Motor home Carport needs to be in an enclosed garage, and still be priced in my budget for a  cheaper steel garage.  My RV also had a clearance of about 12′ 6” at the top of the A/C unit, and I needed it to be 30 wide by 51′ long with a 12′ side leg and center height of at least 15 feet.  I also want one 10 x 10 garage door, and I need one 14 x 14 garage door.   What’s the cheapest price you can build this metal garage for?

What are your suggestions to know if you’re buying from a good company with the best/cheap price for a carport? Most all these companies make claims of being the “best” or having a good price for their carport or metal garage.”

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Thanks for asking, that’s a good question, there are 4 characteristics that make a company one that is quality and that you can trust.  First we will mention how to determine if the company will service you properly from your location.  Also you can view the article entitled 4 things the street smart shopper always consider before making a purchase to see these four principles of character all quality business should have.  We should let you know first that our prices are given right up front, and our normal daily price is lower than competitions, and we do seek to guarantee the lowest pricing in the market.  You can go straight to our instant pricing at the home page or get a quote there also to see the best pricing in the industry.

We currently service our customers from over 9 strategic manufacturing locations in the United States.  For example in Texas we have about 40 crews that work just that state.  These crews also will go up into Oklahoma when jobs move into that area, but we have crews for Oklahoma also.  Our crews our constantly learning, and being trained to preform highest quality work.  So we are a company that works in over 26 states to service our customers and ensure that satisfaction.

Your garage is priced below, and I will guarantee you the best price in the carport industry.

Here’s the quote with the new revisions below:  And please see the drawing that shows how the 14′ garage door will go up into the gable which is why we are going to use a sliding door here because there isn’t enough room from the gable to the truss for the roll up door to recoil into.  The distance from the bottom of the gable which is 12 feet to the top of the truss is going to be 13 feet 4 1/2 inches.  Now the height of the building at the ridge cap is going to be over 15′ feet but the truss under the roof is about 2 feet tall which lowers the overall height of the building on the interior.  So from the floor to the bottom of the bow, or truss (  the truss is the metal structure which bridges the distance between the two side legs, or spans the distance from one side of the building to the other.  This truss is of course 30 feet long.)

By the way any questions you have we will be happy to answer in detail.  Your sliding door 14 x 14 will be quoted later.


shopVertical Triple Wide Metal Garage ( 30 X 51 )$ 6695

Side Height ( 12 Feet )$ 1260

12 Gauge ( 51 L )$ 900

Walk-In Door 36×80 (1)$ 185

Both Sides Enclosed$ 1585

End Frame Out (1)$ 100

Closed End (Yes – Both Ends)$ 3380

10 x 10 Garage Doors (1)$ 450

Total$ 14,555

Call us with any questions 337-824-5800

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