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How to avoid problems when purchasing a carport

At we work diligently to ensure that you enjoy a purchasing process that will avoid problems when purchasing a carport, or metal building product.  Me strive to make sure you will be happy with your carport product, and installation for years to come. We have written this article seeking to ensure your satisfaction by familiarizing you with how the carport industry operates in the purchasing process, delivery, and installation process. For example, because our companies goal is to offer the lowest prices in the industry we load our carport haulers at the plant with $15,000 to $20,000 of jobs and then the crews go out for installs. Doing jobs in an appropriately organized route saves us time, travel expenses, and keeps costs down. Because the whole organizational process is detailed form the point of order origination to installation sometimes problems can occur.


One of the ways to keep a problem from occurring is to make sure that there is no lack of information provided to the customer by the carport service agent, and that we have done our diligence to describe in detail our product. Without proper communication it is possible that a misunderstanding of what the customer in fact truly desires or requests could occur. Therefore the level of clarity throughout the entire process from buying to delivery and installation can be improved by clear communication and information to customers so that they are informed and understand the processes involved in the carport manufacturing industry.

avoid problems purchasing a metal carport product

As a manufacturer that provides delivery and installation for steel carports and garages experienced installation crews usually install around $15,000 to $20,000 in building value every two to 3 days. The average order for most manufacturers is around $2000 and the average number of installations in two to three days is between 7 to 12 buildings.

This keeps product cost lower and schedulers route the orders in a specific location based on the most efficient driving order for the installation crews. This is infrequently communicated to the consumer at the purchase. However we try to communicate this to the consumer so that they are aware of what goes on behind the scenes and so that they know what to expect during the course of the entire process.

Therefore it’s really the scheduling department that is the unsung hero in our company that works out all the logistics involved in scheduling, delivery and installation. This is probably perhaps one of the industry’s greatest challenges. The scheduler’s duty is to coordinate delivery of orders that have been placed within one to two weeks earlier, and they work with the order size, the region, the route, and determine the experience level of the crew needed for the job. Most of those factors are important to do with precision or problems can occur, and we spend the time to mitigate that by an organized procedure through the process from the ordering of the carport to plant manufacturing, loading buildings on the truck in the order they will be delivered, travel, and finally the install. The scheduling department hardly ever causes issues or holdups in the delivery procedure It’s the unknown events that generate waiting periods and the majority of carport problems or issues.

Job site RV Carport

Job site RV Carport

There are several unexpected events that can cause problems but our focus here will be the ones that cause the primary issues which are, road hazards, bad Weather Conditions, equipment malfunction, Human fatigue, job Site Issues, customer changes, alterations, personal schedules of customers.

Our orders are merged together for efficient delivery and to maintain low costs, but the weather can be a factor. Freezing weather, sleet, rain, gusting winds, and harsh storms can create delays. If weather patterns happen to delay our crew for even just a few hours then because schedules are so close it could be that an order which is scheduled to may not get completed on the same route. Probably an order will have to be rescheduled for the next return trip.

Although we do everything to avoid rescheduling it still doesn’t make it any easier for a consumer waiting for their carport product they might not be happy about having to be rescheduled and yet this is the construction industry, and the unknown events are just a part of that process in building carports.


We hope this helps you understand some of the challenges that we have in providing you excellent service, and quality products. The customer service agents strive to make sure your happy. Please call us if you have, any questions are need assistance. Because our sales staff is in constant communication with the scheduling department we can often have your building delivered in very quick time frames. Plant management is on top of our manufacturing process also so we can know just how much time it takes to build your metal garage or special carport order.

Other factors occur too, for example even if our crews do every job down that the scheduler has made on time, and yet we have a customer who delays,then we can get backed up. The crew may be waiting at the job site for the customer to explain to them where the carport needs to be installed before they can begin. If the crew is delayed then the next job will also be delayed, and so the crew may have no other choice than to leave the job site because of the other scheduled installations. You can see how this could cause a customer to not be happy, and yet further delays could cause all the customers scheduled on that run to be unhappy. We therefore have to work on a timely schedule to be successful.

One other problem we would like to bring up for just a moment is choosing the right size metal building for the long run the area planned for you metal building will appear much larger in comparison with other rooms of your house or office.  Then, after it is loaded with vehicles, lawn equipment, bicycles, and more that size will soon begin to be taken up.  Because of that our normal recommendation for a garage door is at least 9 foot wide, and if you have a SUV then it should be at least 8 feet tall.

24 wide by 50 long Vertical Steel Garage

24 wide by 50 long Vertical Steel Garage

If you would like to look inside this metal garage pictured above  then check out this link:

take a look inside!

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