Convert a Cheap Carport into a Barn

Here’s a Metal Barn project that everyone is interested in “saving time, and money”.  You can do build your barn out of a steel carport very easily.  There are many different ways you can build a metal barn out of a carport.  You could build a lean to and attach it to your carport as seen here.  This barn was enclosed on the end with metal but you could also enclose the ends with wood.

DSC01843You can really save money when you build your own gates, and sides as done on this project.

Metal Carports have a wide range of versatility when that bring out the creativity in the back yard carpenter.  Who can start his job with a 20 wide by 26 long  carport with 8 foot side legs and an 11 foot center height for only $1,395 as seen below:


Regular Carport ( 20 X 26 )$ 1195
14 Guage ( 26 L )$ 0
Height ( 6 Feet + 2 extra Feet )$ 120
Color (White)$ 0
Total$ 1315


This gives the backyard builder a great beginning with the canopy side legs, and base completed.  You can build the frame structure for the sides with 2 in. x 4 in. x 8 ft. #2 Pressure-Treated Lumber, (get pricing for your lumber by clicking on the link above.



You really can take off with a metal barn project once the roof has been put up for you.  This barn has wooden lean to legs with wide openings giving easy access to the interior of the metal building.  The feed, and hay for livestock is well protected with a wide lean to enabling animals to feed with less labor for farmers.