Here’s the fastest, and most affordable way to have your barn with horse stalls built.   This prefabricated metal horse stall barn is a favorite because of it’s quality features.  The steel barn comes with a roof line which provides excellent lighting and air flow for your family of horses.  The stalls are wide enough for comfort for all breeds of horses including your American Quarter Horse, American Saddle bred, Appaloosa, and ponies will find these barns comfortable as well.


The horse barn below was built to provide sufficient air flow in the hot summer months.

horse barn with stalls

This steel barn also has a tack room on the end which helps keep things organized and accessible when needed.

horse barn with tack room

Metal Horse Barn with Stalls

If one of your concerns is keeping your horses healthy then you already know the  importance of a  quality horse barn which will provide the shelter, and comfort that your horses need to stay in top shape especially in the winter.  As winter begins to come around you might consider wrapping your horse in a warm blanket, and keep your favorite horses inside a nice heated barn, and although the barn is an excellent decision for your equine usage you should be careful.  Horses function much better if they avoid to much over-care from extra heating.  We should utilize the facilities like a metal horse barn provides, and not leave our horses out for the winter until the spring thaw begins, but over-care can have its issues also.

horse Barn Stall Most Affordable

Horse Barns Provide Perfect Shelter: “With temperatures dropping to single digits this week, Michelle D. Harris, VMD, Dipl. ACVIM, lecturer in the Section of Emergency and Critical Care at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center, offers the following tips to keep horses healthy and safe during the cold days of winter. article from”.

Metal Horse stalls

Metal Horse stalls

Metal Horse stalls

Metal Horse stalls

Metal Horse stalls

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The picture of the metal barn below is taken from our article in the Do it Yourself Section.  If you like projects you may choose to save money, and build your barn out of a carport like this one has been done.  Click the link here to see the article, and more pictures.


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