Horse Trailers can be a costly investment, and insuring the longevity of your live stock trailer starts with a quality metal horse trailer shed as the one pictured below.  This horse trailer carport or stock trailer shed is a regular roof system which means the roof panels are hung horizontally.  Horizontal panels run the length of the carport whereas a vertical roof carport has panels that run from the center of the roof line at ridge and the panel ends are covered with a ridge cap.

Horse Trailer Shed

Often a horse trailer shed  is covered on the sides or as this one pictured above has an extra panel on both sides.  The panel is three feet wide or tall and runs the length of the metal carport.  this panel gives you extra protection from rain, debris, extreme weather, and wind.  If you like your stock trailer clean when you get ready to make a haul and don’t like to spend needless time clean it before you leave then you will enjoy the fact that metal carports used on the farm like the stock trailer sheds we have discussed really help keeping your trailers clean.  you may even choose to enclose the whole building and gain extra protection as seen in the garage below.

horse trailer shed

An enclosed trailer shed as the one above provides the following additional protection:

  • safely store tools and other equipment that you wouldn’t leave in the open
  • totally enclosed keeps your trailers extra clean and free from driving winds, insects, and small animals
  • More features regarding exterior attractiveness and increases durability
  • Greater accessibility from large garage doors
  • More options with walk-in-doors, and windows
  • Increased functionality
  • Customize your garage to meet the exact needs of the farm trailers you are protecting

see Metal Barns for even more options in agricultrual buildings.

We are ready to assist you in designing a building to meet your exact needs so please give us a call.