Owning your own boat can be a lot of fun and provide enjoyment for the whole family for years to come.  However, the upkeep and maintenance boat owners experience can sometimes be almost as large of an effort in labor as was the usage.  That’s why at Gatorback Carports we have focused on building some exceptional Metal Boat Covers that will protect your marine product.

metal boat cover

  We have built a variety of boat covers at marina’s but you can store your boat in a metal boat carport or metal boat garage in your own back yard.  A metal boat cover is a great permanent solution for boat protection in comparison to a fabric boat cover.   Also storing your boat at home saves money on storage fees and extra travel cost.  Keeping your boat close to you and at home allows for easy access, and allows you to be able to maintain your boat at your own convenience.

metal boat coverWe offer 4 different types of metal boat carport systems:

The vertical roof, boxed eve metal boat carport, commercial grade boat carport and the regular roof metal boat carport.   You may customize any of these metal boat covers to suit your specific needs.  We can build a boat cover over 100 feet in length and 60 feet wide, and although you probably won’t need a boat carport as large as this you may choose to customize it in many other ways.  We look forward to helping you with your metal building.  You may choose to purchase a metal boat cover with storage in the back so you can lock up and protect your other boating equipment as seen in the picture below are the combo units.