RV Carports are not what they were 2o years ago as the market began to recognize the varying usages of carports.  Today RV Covers can be built with an increasing number of variables and options to suite the specific needs of the end user.  In fact in the last year we just began producing Carports for Recreation Vehicles with legs (Side Heights) up to 16 feet tall.  That will give you a center height of the Carport of up to 19 feet depending on the width of your cover.  Now that’s much taller than they once were and specific users like 18 wheeler owners really appreciate the extra height.  Well there’s much more than just that one option read further to find out more

5th Wheel Carport

When people buy an RV or motor home they have just made a major investment, and want to do all they can to minimize upkeep, and protect that investment. This is why they choose a RV Carport, or metal garage for their motor home because the elements of sunshine, and rain can cause that investment to decline quickly. Choosing to shelter your Recreation Vehicle will ensure that the interior, and exterior will be kept in the best condition for years of future use, and enjoyment.


24 x 40 Vertical Style RV Carport 12 Foot Side Legs, 3 Foot Braces,14 Gauge call for a price

One of the first things RV owners are concerned with is the roof of their RV, and over time the roof will age. An aging roof will show signs of wear as it is constantly exposed to outside weather conditions. The variations in weather temperature cause expansion, and contraction, the UV rays, ozone, will all cause the exterior finish to begin the process of aging, and fading. To avoid the protective layer or clear coat on your RV from beginning the process of break down that accelerates the aging process consumers begin the search for RV protection with metal carports, and garages. Depreciation as paint fades, and vinyl cracks can cause a major loss in resale, or trade in value for an RV and the cost of a RV Carport will often be more than returned at the point of value gained in the resale of a well kept Motorhome.

RV CP MMcrop

Triple Wide RV Carport 12 foot Legs Truss System 3 foot braces

30’x41’x12′ Vertical Style RV Carport with 2 Side Panels Priced at $6,930

There are more than just one option to choose from when deciding how to protect your RV. Many people choose to completely protect their RV with an RV Garage, or a RV Carport which mainly protects from the top, but you can enclose the sides, are partly enclose the sides with panels.

There are cloth covers sometimes used like the covers often used in the classic car industry. Cloth covers are much cheaper that a permanent shelter, but they are not so easy to take on, and off the RV, and RV enthusiast’s report that it becomes tedious over time. One draw back is that if the cover flaps in the wind, and is not properly secured it can rub against the paint and actually dull the finish over a period of time.


12 wide by 41 long by 12 Tall Side Leg, 14′ 6″ Center Height, Regular Style Carport with 3′ brace option priced at $2,315

If you’re not going to keep your RV for long then you could find a storage unit and rent a covered shelter for your RV. This is a good option if you are out of room on your property, and have run out of storage space. But for those RV enthusiasts have enough room on their property for a permanent RV Shelter then an RV Cover, or RV Garage is one of the best investments that could be made. It more fully protect the RV from all the elements, than any other the other options available which makes the whole process of using, and enjoying your RV easier.

18 x 41 x 12 RV Cover Regular Roof

Because there are so many other jobs competing for our valuable time, RV owners do not like to have to take the time to clean the outside of their unit every time they prepare to go on a trip, or to an RV park. One thing that RV enthusiasts speak of is finding ways to save time in the set up, and travel process. This has made RV Carports products the main choice for the owners method of protection, and more RV Carports are sold than RV Garages because they are not as expensive as a totally enclosed unit. In fact one of the least expensive parts of the RV cover is the cost to full enclose the sides because all of the structural metal is already provided in the RV Carport, therefore side enclosures are often chosen.

12' Wide RV Carport

12′ Wide 31’Long x 12′ Tall Regular RV Carport Priced at $1,545 extra to trim out door entry

There are many things to consider when buying a Metal Carport Product to protect your 5th wheel, or recreation vehicle but the main topics of consideration will be based on RV Type, RV size, RV usage, length of ownership, roof styles, protective coverage needed, and extra items to store with the RV, building on the ground, or concrete.

extra strength garage installation with double structural material

building an Extra Strength RV Cover with double structural studs

Vertical Single Leg RV Carport with side panels and Gable End

If you have purchased an RV Carport and decide you would like more protection for your RV than only a roof cover a carport is very easily modified for great protection.  Your motor home can be protected with greater protection by adding side walls or enclosing the ends also for a fully enclosed garage.  The roof style can be similar to a A frame home such as our vertical roof RV carports or you can have a regular roof recreation vehicle carport which has a roof design much like a mobile home where the panels are installed from front to back.  Our best roof system is the vertical because it moves water or snow off the roof quicker as it drains form the center of the ridge cap at the top of the roof and down the sides.

A good option which is preferred by many of our RV Carport users is to add a panel at the top of both sides of the carport for added coverage and protection.  Side panels will protect your travel trailer from hail, high winds, snow, icy rain, sun damage, and more.  If you need more customization for your travel trailer please call us and we will be happy to assist you and answer any of your questions.  We can build RV Carports over 60 feet wide although most RV Carports average between 18 and 30 feet wide and we can build them as long as you may need.

A metal RV Cover or RV Carport Kit is the best choice for long term usages when comparing to other options such as carport fabric covers, and cloth covers which will break down over time.  I have used many cloth car covers and they definitely have a time frame of usage when they are no longer free from tears, rips and holes.  If your looking for protection for your RV look at our RV Products.

rv cover