Today we will be reviewing 7 important steps when building a concrete pad for your metal building, carport, or garage.

1st  The concrete Pad Length should be 1′ (foot) less than the length of the Metal Garage because there is a 6” (inches) overhang on the front and rear  of the gable roof line totaling 1’ (foot) longer on the roof than the actual foot print of the building on the ground. 

For example, a 20 wide by 31 long building will have a ground footprint of 20 by 30.  So the concrete pad should measure 20 by 30 as seen below:

Pad design Metal buidling 20 by 31 long with a pad 20 by 30 long

  1. It is necessary for the side panels, and end panels of the walls of the garage to go over the edges of the concrete pad, otherwise you can not stop water intrusion.  Therefore the width of the pad must be the exact width of the garage or metal building.  The bottom horizontal base runner will be installed on the edge of the concrete, and the wall panels will go over the sides of the horizontal base runner, and over the sides of the concrete pad.
  1. We also recommended Building a Brick Ledge around the perimeter of the concrete pad for a garage or metal building but this is not necessary for a carport.  This brick ledge is made on all four sides of the building.  It is not utilized at the garage door openings but it is used on the walk in doors.  The base rail which sets inside the brick ledge is used as a door stop on the walk- in doors.  Some garage owners will not utilize this advantage which aids in keeping water from entering the building because of the extra work, but it is an advantage.

concrete design for metal garage

The bottom base plate ( or horizontal frame tubing) runs on top of the concrete pad.  This framing tube attaches to the vertical studs.  It is the horizontal base tube sets inside the brick ledge.  It is the brick ledge that prevents water intrusion.

Pictured above is a RV Cover horizontal base runner and legs that are doubled.  This is the same framing used in our commercial buildings (metal buildings over 32 feet wide).  Most of our other metal garages use single leg systems, but if you have a double leg then your brick ledge will be 2 1/2 inches x 2 for 14 Gauge = 5 inches.  If you order 12 Gauge Framing for the horizontal base runner it is 2 1/4″ wide and will have a brick ledge of 4 1/2 inches wide.  Make sure your order states, “12 Gauge Framing on the base runner” if you building is desgin for that.

Brick Ledge installation:

Now that you’ve determined the proper size of your concrete pad, probably the next step is to determine if your building needs a brick ledge in the concrete pad.  The brick ledge is built around the perimeter of your concrete pad.  If you purchase 14 gauge framing material then the ledge will be 2 1/2″ wide by 2 1/4″ deep because the horizontal base runner which is 2 1/2″ square will set inside the brick ledge to prevent water intrusion. 

carport design for brick ledge in concrete

  1. Gauge of Your Framing Material

If you requested 12 gauge framing material, and you want 12 gauge framing material on your horizontal base runner which runs along the ground the length of your building then you must make an special request for it also which we will notate on the order.  12 gauge framing material is thicker and stronger, but it is only 2 1/4 inches square instead of 2 1/2 inches square on 14 gauge framing.  Therefore your brick ledge would be 2 1/4 inches wide by 2 inches tall.

Garage Door Openings: 

  1. The brick ledge will not be built at the garage door openings, and at this point the bottom horizontal base runner will be removed.  Therefore if your garage door is eight foot wide then the brick ledge would not be built for that eight feet.

7.  Walk-in Doors:  The brick ledge will remain at all walk in doors, and will not be removed from construction.  It is the horizontal base runner that the walk in door rest against when shut.

24 wide by 50 long Vertical Steel Garage

24 wide by 50 long Vertical Steel Garage

We seek to assist you in making sure you building is of the highest quailty design and installation.  We are offering free drawings for our buildings also.  Please give us a call.

The Gatorback Carports team

Please see the next article on “How to Determine Concrete Pad Size”