Building a boat carport is an aspect of our daily routine at Gatorback Carports.  We often build a metal boat carport or metal boat shed on a deck; it may be in a boat slip or a marina. If you have invested in a boat then you’re probably serious about protecting that investment without needless expenditures.  That is what our boat covers are designed to do and you will enjoy the many benefits they provide including reduced maintenance, and extreme protection from the elements of weather that cause wear over time.

The boat cover style below begins in 32 wide, then 34,36,38,40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54,56, 58, and 60 and over 100 feet long. However most boat covers range from 18 feet wide to 24 feet wide as seen in the additional pictures below.

The lengths of our boat shed begin in lengths of  21′, 26′, 28′, 31′, 36′, 41′, 46′ and 48′, 51, and enlarge further.

metal boat cover

metal boat cover

A metal boat carport is designed for the purpose of saving money that could be lost from having your boat exposed to the elements of sun, rain, and the wind. You can enjoy quality boat protection with one of our metal boat covers. If you enjoy fishing, skiing, or just getting outdoors our boat carports will keep your boat clean and ready for the next trip.

metal boat carport

We can design a boat cover for your specific needs as the drawings we made below:

carport design for metal boat carport over deck

Our customers have found that their custom carport has provided a comfortable environment for performing routine maintenance, storage at home instead of the expense of storing it at a marina, and the freedom of enjoying easy access to their boat in a moments notice.  Marine boat covers provide long lasting service to keep your boat clean, protected from U.V. rays and ready to enjoy on your next fishing trip or water outing.  I have used fabric covers for years in the past and they are a good product but nothing can take the place of a permanent metal boat storage product like a carport.

If you’re in the market for a custom boat cover then consider letting our qualified staff help you design the perfect carport for your boating needs. You can customize it for the size and usage of your specific watercraft. We build our carports with up to 16 feet tall sides, with high-end wind resistance for severe weather conditions, and we can install side panels down the length of your building for additional protection from wind and debris.

boat carport at marina

We also build many boat covers on the ground and these buildings used for marine storage can like the one pictured below often become multi-use buildings.

boat cover double carport

You may consider utilizing a custom boat cover and the staff at Gatorback Carports will work to design the right boat shed for your needs.  You may customize your metal building by selecting the length you need for your bass boat or special watercraft then consider the width need, the color, roof style, and other specific needs like enclosing the sides as seen above.  If you are in an environment that has extreme weather conditions then you might like the boat cover seen above with closed sides which will give you extra protection.

You may even choose to close the ends and have a totally enclosed boat shed giving you the greatest amount of protection for your investment.  These boat sheds come with tall roll up doors so if you have a boat that has tall height we can accommodate your needs.  We often build metal sheds with fourteen feet tall roll up doors but we can frame out the door opening for a door that is taller.

metal boat carport with closed sides