Why All Serious RV Enthusiast Own RV Carport Covers or Garages

RV Carport Covers 14" Side Height, 16; 6" Center Height

If your considering purchasing an RV Carport to protect your motor home then you know that an RV can be a hefty, but well worth it, investment.  This article will share the advantages of purchasing an RV Cover and help you with that decision process, and if you needed immediated help please give us a call.  Many RV owners will spend a good deal of time on the road for most of the summer and nice weather seasons but what do you do with your RV when the colder weather comes in?

Do you just toss a tarp over it and hope it stay covers? Do you spend a monthly fee to have it stored in a storage yard where you can not be sure it will remain safe and secure? Or maybe you just park it off to the side of your house? With the money you spent in purchasing your RV you might want to take some more consideration to better protecting it and prolonging its lifespan.

One way you can have the protection you want for your RV is with a metal carport cover or garage. These easy to install structures offer a multifunctional storage structure for your RV. Unlike standard RV cover or canvases, RV carports offer a more durable long-term storage space for your RV. Metal carports protect your RV better from natural elements because it is a complete storage space for your RV.


RV carports can be customized to your wants and needs. You can choose the type of flooring, sides, location, lighting and more. You can have your RV carport designed to match the style of your own or surrounding buildings.


Designing Your Own RV Metal Carport

Your RV carport covers and garages can be customize to the size and structure you desire. So ways you can customize your RV carport include:

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You can choose to have concrete slabs laid down for the floor of your carport or RV garage or even asphalt. The most popular options that many buyers choose is with a standard gravel floor.



You do not need to have your carport enclosed but this could be a more beneficial option if you live in an area that has frequent severe storms. When it comes to the actually siding you can choose to go with prefabricated paneling or have traditional stud walls constructed. Your RV doesn’t have to be fully enclosed, many owners only have one or two walls constructed will others choose to have a half wall designed extending from the roof.

RV Carport Covers



You want to make sure you have the proper measurements for the construction of your carport. Many RV owners take advantage of having a large enough carport designed that gives them room to easily load and unload the RV while it is parked in the carport. Others also find it advantageous to have a slightly larger carport that also allows them to be able to work on the roof or engine while be protected by the carport structure.

Horse Trailer Shed


Lighting can offer a number of benefits for you if you want it included in your carport canvas or garage design, especially if your decide to have it constructed slightly further away from your home. By including lights you can easily get your RV load when the sun goes down or be ready to take on even when the sun is not up. Lighting will also make it easier for you to do any work on the RV.

Carports for an RV surely have come a long way since the origin of their beginning designs comprised of only four poles and a metal roof. The diversity of  RV carports now are made from lumber, aluminum, red iron and galvanized steel carports which can be made in a variety of custom fashions to serve a array of utilitarian and practical usages.

horse trailer shedRV Garages as pictured above come with 12, 14 and even taller side walls and frame outs so you can easily fit your Motor Home inside

One of the first decisions a purchaser of a building will make is: what is the best type of materials for the application I will be using, and today the trend is moving to more and more metal installations.  There is good reason for it also for after one considers the fractional cost of maintenance for such a building in comparison to wood, paint, and stain it is the practical choice.  In fact are buildings are warranted when it comes to the painted metal and come with a 20 year rust through warranty.

Have you thought of all the advantages that steel carports for an RV have over other options?  Below are described just some of those differences

The capability to develop personalized Recreational Vehicle carports— Steel Recreational Vehicle carports have actually progressed to the factor where they are frequently made use of for functions well past shielding automobiles. Steel Motor Home carports could be updated to supply added storage space, living locations, as well as job area. Personalization alternatives for the outside of the frameworks could consist of selections of shades, roof layout choices, surfaces, doors, and also home windows.

RV Cover and RV carport are you shopping for a RV try the RV Trader for a good used RV

 Versatility  Steel Motor Home carports are offered in dimensions to cover one to 3 Recreational Vehicle’s yet they supply adequate versatility to fit security needs for watercrafts, ranch tools, snow sleds as well as even more. This adaptability enables a customer to develop a steel Motor Home carport to address details requirements while not spending beyond your means or purchasing a larger framework compared to is needed.

Toughness Steel Recreational Vehicle carports are much more powerful compared to frameworks made with either timber or light weight aluminum due to the fact that steel does not degrade like timber does as well as could stand and also birth lots as much as severe climate far better compared to light weight aluminum. When it is warmed or cooled down, the toughness of steel Motor Home carports comes from the reality that steel does not damage over time due to development and also tightening that timber experiences in volitale weather changes. Recreational Vehicle carports made from timber could likewise be compromised by bending, termites and also completely dry rot for many years, which could need comprehensive repair service as well as or upkeep.

RV Cover and RV carport with  a closed side for extra protection as seen above

 Economical Steel Recreational Vehicle carports commonly set you back a lot less compared to carports constructed from timber. Steel carports, as a result of the offered modification choices likewise use a much less costly alternative for area enhancements which will also make the square footage cost of your building much less expensive.  This will provide the opportunity for you to build a larger building with even more diversity if you would like to add room for leisure activities.

Steel Recreational Vehicle carports use a wide array of services and also advantages which could not be offered by frameworks made from timber or light weight aluminum. In regards to personalization alternatives, adaptability, cost, and also toughness steel Recreational Vehicle carports stand over various other architectural products while supplying durable as well as reduced upkeep usage.  Our RV Carports have stood the test of time and will be a great asset in enhancing the enjoyment of your motor home for years to come.

If you need help with your RV Cover please give us a call we have built many custom covers and carports for RV’s and are ready to help.


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