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Agricultural Metal Buildings

Protecting your farm equipment with an agricultural metal building is important when you’ve made an investment in something so expensive and there is nothing that can do it better than a metal building designed for your particular usage.  At Gatorback Carports we have a design team that works on large buildings every day.  We can generate computer design pictures to give you an exact idea of what your agricultural building will look like and the options that will enable it to function for your needs.


protect agricultural equipment with a metal carport

Our buildings are large we can build them 100’s of feet long and we can build clear span at 60 feet wide but if we build it barn style then we can build it much wider up to 90 feet wide which would include adding to 15 feet wide lean to’s on both sides.  The pictures below are an example.

“We do a lot of work in rural areas” says Henrich, in fact, the majority of my wife’s family are all farmers, and in the past they have been building a  lot of their Ag buildings with conventional steel but we are seeing a trend where people are moving into galvanized metal and one reason is because of the cost.  We can build with 2 1/2 galvanized tubing at a lower price and still achieve the PSF and wind ratings that ensure a safe building.

Metal Tractor Shed

You may need a smaller metal tractor shed  like the one pictured above, and if so we can help you with on of are quality tractor carports that begin with a 18 foot wide end and a length that normally begins at 21 feet long.  The carport above is a regular roof style metal building.

Tractor Sheds, farm buildings

When you work on a farm you’ve got specific needs and if you can have a building that exactly fits those needs then your usage is increased.  We’re talking about the ability to use the building and get the most value out of it.  For example, if the lean to’s aren’t wide enough then it takes longer moving equipment in and out.  Everything done on the farm takes time and you don’t want to spend that valuable time moving things around just to get to what you needed.

tractor shed

Keeping livestock out of the elements is a serious matter when aggressive weather patterns take place.  This farmer decided to put a round pen inside an open-sided Ag structure.

Now that the agriculture equipment you always wanted is at the farm you need to secure it from damage by the elements our carports could be the one asset that could prove an excellent resource for you. A steel carport is a smart financial investment in your pursuit to maintain your AG equipment.


Our Metal Carports are built to protect and keep your farm equipment looking in that mint out of the box condition as long as possible.


Farm Equipment that Our Metal Buildings Are Used To Protect:

  • Tractor Sheds or a Metal Garage for your Tractor
  • Combine or Harvester
  • Cultivator
  • Farm truck
  • ATV
  • Back hoe
  • Front end loader
  • Plows
  • Broadcasters
  • Hay Balers
  • Trailers
  • Manure spreaders
  • Hydroponic Equipment


Why Do So Many Farmers and Country Folk Prefer Gatorback Metal Carports to Protect Their Farm Equipment?

Traveling the country side and living in a farming community provides a wealth of information that we have retrieved from our customers such as the following:

  • Protects your expensive farm equipment from the heat, humidity, ice, wind, snow, rainfall, as well as the destructive ultraviolet rays of the sunlight
  • Enables farmers to organize their equipment for ease of access while being protected
  • Minimizes breakdown over time by exposer to the elements
  • Saves time from needless work such as constant cleaning because of exposure
  • Enjoys the appearance of a quality barn for storage
  • Enjoys the utilitarian usage that a barn or garage provides on the farm


Houston Texas 40 Wide Metal Buildings


At, we offer carports that supply not just a roofing system for your tractor, or combine yet we safeguard it from the sides of the building too, so you could pick the design that makes you really feel much more restful or that fulfills your spending plan. A roof-only carport supplies security from rainfall, snow and also various other aspects to a fantastic level, decreasing damages from hail storm and also various other dangers. A carport with closed sides is similar to a garage, supplying an extra detailed degree of security for your farm truck, or harvester.


50 Wide San Antonio Metal Buildings

In today’s economic climate, the main factor that farmers select our prefabricated metal buildings is the pricing for the size and quaility. We manufacture buildings up to 60 feet wide and almost no limit to the length. Our steel buildings are very resilient and are built to stand up in tuff conditions.  In Contrast to the make up of pole barns and wood garages, our metal barns are resistant to the results of bugs or termites. They also wil never ever mold, and deteriorate like a wooden building.


We Offer A Variety of barns and agricultural metal buildings and can customize an Enclosed Building Just For You:

  •  Solitary Farm Use Steel Carports
  •  Dual parking Metal Buildings
  •  Three-way Wide Steel Metal Buildings
  •  Extra Wide Steel Barns
  •  Extra Wide Steel Garages
  •  Custom Builidngs and Structures
  •  Specialized Metal Buildings
  •  Lean-to Structures and double lean to’s for Farm Use


Our products all come with warranties and  backed with a 20-year guarantee on corrosion on the frames on our carports, so you could purchase with self-confidence and not be concerned with your building rusting through on the frame.

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